Why hitting the gym daily can lead to a better sex life

Find it difficult to make it to the gym? Here's a kickass motivation.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Jun 08, 2017
Those exhilerating workouts are the secret to a great sex life. Photo: Shutterstock/IndiaPicture


We know that it is super-difficult to give up the pleasure of eating those cheesy pizzas and binge-watching Netflix to get your lazy ass off that couch and work out. Unfortunately, it becomes even tougher to get into action and hit the gym after having a hectic day at work.

But you know what? While avoiding exercise and giving in to your guilty pleasures, there are other pleasures in life that you might be depriving yourself of.

Yes, ladies. According to various studies, working out can improve your sex life and make the experience even more pleasurable for you. Here's how:

It Can Improve Your Sex Drive
It's obvious ladies. Exercise leads to production of the happy hormones, endorphins, which definitely improves your mood, but also known to increase your sex drive. So, get ready for a few unexpected quickies here and there.

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Exercise Can Open Doors To Experimentation
All your life, you've been advised to look beyond missionary and doggy style to spice things up in bed. Yes, those complicated Kama Sutra-inspired positions seem very tempting, but you need to be flexible enough to try and enjoy them. No points for guessing, working out can work wonders for your flexibility--especially if you're a yoga enthusiast,.

Exercise Can Make You Enjoy Sex Even More
Yes, sex could already be all fun and great for you, but what if we told you that it is possible to make it even more pleasurable? Excited already? Well, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that the vaginal responses of women were 169 percent greater after exercising. At least now you need to stop being lazy, ladies.

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It Can Also Make You Bolder in Bed

There's a confidence-boost that you get post exercising and getting fitter. How about cashing in on that confidence by flaunting your hard-earned hot-bod in the sexiest pair of lingerie in bedroom? A win-win situation for both the partners, we say.


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