Muscular men make the worst boyfriends. Trust me, I'm talking from experience

Holla! Steer clear of men with the sola ka dola.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli May 19, 2017
Dating a hunk comes at a hefty price. Photo Courtesy: YouTube


For a normal person, looking at certain old pictures can evoke past memories. But when you're someone--who is so afraid of revisiting the past, that you end up thinking of Arijit Singh as your worst enemy and deleting even your solo pictures from an outing just because you went there with a certain someone--you don't exactly have much to count on in order to think of your not-so-glorious past.

Hence, there are some very irrational things that remind you of the former times. From driving through the same roads and recounting memories of those long drives to looking at the sky and thinking that we still share the same sky--the flashbacks just don't end. What changes however, are the triggers of those flashbacks.

I was still managing dealing with these not-so-direct triggers, but what I saw recently rubbed my past in my face real hard. I came across a study conducted by the University of Westminster in England, which claimed that muscular men actually make the worst boyfriends. It said that hunkier the dude, the more likely he was to have sexist beliefs and hostility toward women.

You know what's common between the findings of the study and every heart-broken aashiq's go-to song Channa Mereya? The fact that they both leave me confused about which ex to actually miss.

Considering that most (by most, I mean 99.99%) of my boyfriends/ex-boyfriends/potential boyfriends/crushes have been attractive-looking men with a minimum of sixteen inches of…bicep (you dirty mind), I find myself to be completely in sync with the claims of this fantastic British research. 

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You want to know another commonality between them? Well, they've not exactly been the best relationships. In fact, to put things straight, those guys have been quite the assholes that the study portrays them to be.

For starters, they were all narcissists, who cared more about their protein shakes than those romantic dates. In fact, a 0.0000001 cm reduction in their bicep size gave them more stress than a fight with me. Not to mention, those biceps had deeper psychological effects on them which made them deluded in life and tricked them into believing that they were my body guards, not boyfriends.

They used to think that they are incredible hulks who can even lift the great Khali with a finger. Because obviously they had no idea about putting those fingers to a better use.

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But you know the worst part? All of them had a huge-ass ego! They just couldn't handle even a slightly critical remark. The word 'sorry' didn't exist in their dictionary and me expecting them to ever accept that they were wrong was a far-fetched dream. Even their so-called apologies started with, "even though you're overreacting..."

Science blames it on the fact that men try to build their bodies to prove their masculinity in the era where patriarchal structures are being challenged. Basically, men who are around women in power tend to feel threatened and display this through gaining muscle.

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Yes, this study makes me feel like a 'powerful woman', but it has also given me some sort of a closure. A tight hug to those researchers for enlightening me. Pretty sure they weren't muscular. Just saying.


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