Are you a demisexual? Answer these questions to find out

Could you be a demisexual? Here is the answer.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Aug 31, 2017
If sex is the least of your concerns in a relationship then you are a demisexual, my friend. Photo Courtesy: Pixabay


How do you feel about your friends using Tinder to find themselves a date? If the idea repulses you because you can't imagine getting sexually intimate with a stranger then chances are you are a demisexual. Yup, that's a word.

In case you have no idea what it means, but you sort of identify with the feelings then here's a clearer perspective: "Demisexuality is just one of many shades on the scale of asexuality, but put into layman's terms, it's the difficulty in feeling sexual attraction to someone you're not friends with first," states a report published in the Bustle.

In case you are wondering if you are a demisexual too, then you've got to ask yourself these questions:

Is Sex Important To You?

While the rest of the world places great deal of importance on sex, you don't feel the same. So, it's hard for you to feel sexually attracted to someone--especially if you don't share a very close bond with them. You would rather have a deep conversation with them than indulge in any form of sexual intimacy. Also, while some would like to have sex with their partners to keep the spark alive, you are happy just cuddling with them.

Do You Have a Low Sex Drive?

"When a demisexual gets into a relationship with someone who isn't a demisexual in any respect, there can be problems with the relationship because of sex, or lack thereof," states a report published in Your Tango.

Your low libido has a lot to do with the fact that you are a demisexual. Of course, it doesn't mean that you don't enjoy sex. But, you rather do something else than make passionate love to your partner.

Are You Always Friends First?

It's great to be friends first with the person you are dating, but for you it's a compulsion. You just can't form a sexual bond with anyone who you are not emotionally attached to. Moreover, you find comfort in dating a friend. You would rather seek the security than be adventurous and date someone new. So, you end up feeling attracted to friends you already know well and share common interests with. If that's the case with you then you most definitely are a demisexual.

Are Crushes a Big Deal To You?

When was the last time you had a crush on someone? If you are a demisexual then you will surely remember it because it's a great deal to you.

According to a report published in the Huffington Post, "It's not often that you're attracted to anyone in the first place, so when you feel that way, the feeling is monumental. Everyone seemed to think we'd all grow out of having crushes in adulthood, but if anything, yours only seem to have more depth to them than they did when you were younger."

If you have answered all these questions in affirmative then you can go ahead and count yourself as a demisexual.

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