6 reasons to watch silly movies in bed with a beer bong by your side this weekend

D-uh! You don't need no reasons, just unconditional love for beer and some laziness in life.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Feb 17, 2017
Sometimes athere's nothing better than your own company. Photo Courtesy: Kunal Kohli Productions

Clubbing is cool and so are those house parties, but some weekends should be spared for a night of sheer pleasure and self-love. Getting those naughty ideas already? Sorry to disappoint you, but we were talking about those nights when you get the opportunity to experience the most satisfying threesomes of your life. Getting ideas again? Well, by threesome we mean, you, the cheesy chicken pizza and--a bottle of chilled beer.

Here's why you are going to have the time of your life if you ditch your night out for it:

P.S. Those movies have got to be the silliest ones. From Chennai Express to Tees Maar Khan to even Miya Anari Ba Biwi Khilari Ba, you can take your pick and we guarantee three hours of sheer enjoyment.

For The Sake of That Confidence Boost

Trust us, silly movies make you feel intelligent in life. After all, you can't watch Deepika Padukone in Happy New Year and not feel better about yourself.

Your Boyfriend Will Thank You For It

Not for sparing him the insecurity of picturing you dancing with other guys on a night out, but for all the patience that you will learn while sitting through these movies. Such a relationship-saving idea! Also, after a couple of beers, those potty jokes in the movie will stop affecting you.

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No One Will Ruin Your Trip

And once you are high, there will be no friend crying over an ex or a DJ playing Bolo Ta Ra Ra to ruin your trip.

Or to Judge You

You can laugh your ass off at all the jokes and no one will judge you whatsoever.

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Also, You Can Perform Along

There's nothing better than giving a solo performance on Sheela ki Jawani. We know you want it, but you're never gonna do it--for the fear of being judged. But in this case you get to be the star performer as well as the lucky audience.

You Can Be a Territorial Girlfriend

Damn! Give them guys a break. We are talking about being all territorial for your drink and that precious-as-diamonds pizza. No sharing and no caring required. Just you, your beer, your pizza, and your tanhai.

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