The confusing language of modern day romance

If you think the terms seeing someone, dating someone, and being a relationship are synonymous, you've come to the right place.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha Apr 15, 2017
Just because you are hanging out a lot, doesn't mean you are dating them. Photo: Youtube

Our generation has it tough when it comes to romance. Mostly because no one really knows what it means. After all, everything is so readily available, be it sex or love--thanks to online dating, that everything has been reduced to two-minute noodles.

Not that two-minute noodles are bad, I mean instant gratification FTW, right? However, the instant gratification can often throw some very weird terminologies at your face. And no one wants to initiate the "define the relationship" talk too soon, right? That would make you seem too eager and no one wants that.

So what do you do? Well, to make things clear for all those who are stuck in the web of terms, here's a proper explanation that would help you tell them apart.

Seeing Someone
There can be different meanings to this term and that's why this is the most complex thing ever. Simply because this gives little or no space for serious emotions like love. so you often end up wondering what you are doing with that special someone.

It could be a casual hook up--someone you just met on Tinder, which later turned into a fling. You meet, you like each other company, do the nasty in the sheets a couple of times, and bid adieu. Very simple.

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Or it could mean that you have a friend whom you are attracted and you both agree (consent matters) that you would like to get in bed! So you head to being good-ol' friends with benefits!

It could also mean that you met someone and you genuinely like them, so you keep on meeting them to know them better. Sex or no sex, you both realize there's chemistry and you'd like to explore more.

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Also when you are seeing someone, it could also mean that you can see other people as well--because no commitment! So you can keep your options open and choose better.

Now, suppose you have finally found someone and it's working out to your dismay, that brings you to:

Dating Someone
There's a clear difference between seeing someone and dating someone. Let us explain how you should never confuse the two. When you start dating someone and actually use the term "dating", you are telling yourself that you'd want to see how it goes with this particular person. Which would mean there's some commitment.

But that doesn't mean you go ahead and use the magical ever-so elusive "L" word. It only means that you like this person and would continue to be with them.

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Which brings us to the last term, which is clearly the mother of all complications:

Being In A Relationship
You both are convinced that you love each other and can't live without each other. You talk to them all day and then you talk to them all night. You both are accustomed to each other's weirdness and would want to have a future together--marriage or no marriage.

Being in a relationship can bring stability as well as more complications because there's a lot of responsibility involved.

So there you have it, before you jump the gun and tell someone you love them, figure out if you are actually in a relationship.

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