Ladies, it's time to pull up your socks and have an ego as large as men

I mean, why not? We're equals, after all.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Jul 07, 2017
Coping with male ego is worse than hell. Photo Courtesy: YouTube


If you belong to the 'size matters' club of the society, you'd like to think that when it comes to men and the very debatable phenomenon of 'size', the bigger, the better. But I say, the complete opposite: Smaller, the better.

Wait! I am talking about the size of their egos. What were you thinking?

Coming back to the point, I think, just like most men can't figure out what women want, most women (including me) can't figure out why men have such bloated egos. I mean, listening to things like "I was waiting for you to call me" after a fight and still never getting to hear the word "sorry" even when you take the initiative of sorting things out despite not being at fault is worse than hell.

Before I Begin My Rant, Let's Talk About What Ego Actually Is
Ladies, it's simple. "Ego" means "I" in Latin. So basically, when Salman Khan proudly announces, "Zindagi mein teen cheez kabhi underestimate nahi karna--I, me and myself," the man isn't really kidding. You just can't underestimate the power of ego because you know what? Ego: kaam bigaade sirf 6 seconds mein.

If you've been with a man, you will definitely agree with me on this one. Ego has ruined even the best of relationships.

And We Are All To Be Blamed For It
My initial description of ego almost made it sound like a real-life villain more negative than Hitler. When in fact, ego has positive aspects too which no one seems to care about. Your ego can take you places. It does the work of a lifeboat when you're sinking in self doubt. It is your perception of yourself and can make you a happy, successful person with a high self-esteem when used strategically. "I'm capable of succeeding, who can stop me?"--that's the kind of positivity I am talking about.

So yes, I plead guilty of misunderstanding the term like many others in this world and painting it in a negative light. But I'd want to share the blame with the society that has given this gender-neutral psychological aspect a clear-cut gender.

'Male egos are big, you must not hurt them', 'you can't help it, it's his ego', 'men need ego massages' , 'men are egoistic', 'that's how men are wired'. Enough of this crap! Enough of going by the cultural definitions of masculinity and ideas about how men should think and act and how women should come to terms with it.

Let's Be Mature Equals Now
By equals I don't mean that we start keeping scores of who said sorry how many times. By equals, I don't mean that we become arrogant to cope with the attitude of the seemingly arrogant 'dominant' sex.

I simply mean that it's time to put ourselves first and value ourselves irrespective of our genders. Because no matter how much the society influences us to think that ego is a masculine thing, the fact is that it's only and solely about 'I' And 'I' has no gender.

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