Has your partner never introduced you to his friends and family? Chances are he's 'stashing' you

Beware ladies! This is why you have never met your boyfriend's mom.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha Aug 23, 2017
Bachna ae haseeno from stashing! Photo Courtesy: Youtube/DavidBollywood


Dating has become a dangerous business. With terms like 'ghosting' and 'breadcrumbing', it's becoming more and more difficult to find the right person. However, if you thought things couldn't get worse, you are wrong. There's a new dating trend in town, stashing, which is scariest of them all. So what is it? Well, stashing is a term used to describe the phenomenon where a person never introduces his/her partner to friends or family. Yes ladies, there's a reason why you have never met your boyfriend's mom and it's not because she's Hitler reincarnate.

Suppose everything has been going brilliantly. In fact, you and your man have been inseparable for months and even the sex is mind blowing. But whenever you bring up the topic of meeting his friends or family, he always dodges it. And you are left clueless because he has met anyone who's even remotely related to you. Such a situation would make you feel like shit, won't it?

According to Metro News, stashing is a super fun dating trend in which a person who's dating someone, but chooses to hide them from everyone in their life--as if you are a dirty little secret. That's how the name came to be because you are literally being stashed away from your partner's life.

So, what should you do if you are being stashed by your boyfriend? Well for starters, you can bring up the issues with him and explain how you are feeling. You can ask your partner if they'd be up for making a tiny bit more of a show that you're together. You know, flaunt you around a little bit.

If they offer a valid explanation of what's going on (maybe their parents are really against sex before marriage) or say yes--and actually do it--great. If that doesn't happen, then it only leaves you with one option--dump their a**. You don't need a relationship which isn't stable to begin with now, do you?

Leave and be on your own for a bit, or find someone who shows they're proud to be with you. Because you know what? You don't deserve to be stashed away. All we are saying is you need to be careful. And remember, bachna ae haseeno from stashing.

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