5 reasons why dating your best friend is a really good idea

Stop looking for 'the one' and take a good look at your best friend, instead.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Jul 31, 2017
Dating your best friend has its perks. Photo Courtesy: YouTube/ DharmaProductions


Name one person in the whole wide world who knows you in and out. Did you just say it's your best friend? Okay, now name one person you have most fun with. It's your best friend again? Well, last but not the least; name one person who you can always count on? Wait…what? It's your best friend! Well, ladies what we are about to suggest may sound preposterous to you--at first. But, once you hear us out, you will get the bigger picture here. How about instead of waiting for your 'ideal man' for the next 50 years, you start dating your best friend? Yup, that's a possibility and a very good one at that. Here's why:

It Will Save A Lot Of Time And Energy

If you have been dating for years and still haven't found the right match, then it clearly means you have been looking the wrong way. Not to mention, it's pretty exhausting. First you meet someone new, spend days or maybe weeks getting to know him, and end up realizing it's not worth it. But, with your best friend, you really don't need to go through the cycle at all. You know him. He knows you. There's really nothing left that can surprise or shock you anymore. So, there's you go. You don't only save a lot of time, but energy too.

He Knows What You Want From A Relationship

How many times have you cried over his shoulder for a douche? Millions, right? By now, he probably knows what you exactly want from a relationship. This means, he will treat you the way you wish to be treated. Plus, you won't have to sit with him to explain what kind of a man you are looking for. Thanks to the years of companionship, the camaraderie between you two is already established.

You Know Each Other's Priorities Pretty Well

You are a career woman, who wishes to excel at work or you are an adrenaline junkie, who wishes to scale every mountain in the world or you are a plain weirdo who finds peace in metal music and slasher movies--whatever the case maybe, he knows your priorities. This will make him your strength and never your weakness. Plus, you will never have to explain to him what you want to do with life. Because he knows it better than you and will be by your side no matter what.

You Don't Have To Impress Him

When you start dating, you spend a lot of time trying to impress your date. And more often than not, you go out of your way in order to make a first good impression. But, ask yourself this: are you really the person you try to impersonate for that so-called good impression? If not, then it's a BIG problem. After all, you can't fake a personality your entire life. However, you really don't need to impress your BFF at all. In fact, he probably has seen you making a fool of yourself a million times. And that's a good thing. He knows the kind of dork you are.

You've Already Seen Each Other At Your Worst

Duh! Your best friend is the first person you turn to when you are furious, heart-broken, hungover, or broken. And vice-versa of course. You must have lost count of all the times when you yelled at him or said something nasty in a fit of rage. The point is: he has seen you at your worst and so have you. So, there are no surprises lurking in the corner. And not only both of you are used to each other's monster avatar but you also know how to deal with it.

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