This video on victim blaming is the one thing every man, and woman, should watch today

Don't blame the short skirts. Blame the sick mentality.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Jan 12, 2017
Known for her quirky take on things, RickshaWali does a fab job, playing a lusty molester. Photo courtesy: YouTube/ RickshaWali

By now, we have exhausted ourselves, trying to make people understand why victim blaming should stop. A mass molestation takes place on New Year's Eve in Bengaluru and who gets blamed? Definitely not the perverts who went on a molesting spree. But, the innocent victims, who according to the Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara are responsible for instigating the monsters by wearing 'western' clothes.

Honestly, we are done trying to make such geniuses see sense. So, we will let Anisha Dixit aka RickshaWali do the needful with her spunky YouTube video.

Apparently, moral science lessons are too boring for men. Hence, RickshaWali manages to catch their attention by a very alluring click bait.

HOT !! GIRL IN SHORT DRESS !! MUST WATCH!! Who would want to click on this link, you ask? All the perverts you see. Well, mission accomplished.

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Once she has everyone's attention, the lady goes out to list five things people should blame for rapes and incidents of molestation in the country.

The YouTuber rightfully points out that if we just can't stop ourselves from playing the blame game, let's blame the following things for such incidents:  sick mentality, the not-so-shareef molester, shitty Bollywood movies, which glorify stalking, useless politicians, and of course--the animals who just can't stop themselves attacking every woman they come across.

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Known for her quirky take on things, RickshaWali does a fab job, playing a lusty molester. She aptly mimics how such perverts react, after laying their eyes on anything that's made of flesh.

If words of wisdom fail to bring about a change in the society, maybe videos such as these can make people think twice before putting the blame on the victim. You can watch it here: 

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