Watch: What if Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett met on Tinder?

Welcome to the Tinder version of Pride and Prejudice!

Prapti Elizabeth Prapti Elizabeth Aug 11, 2017
The best ride your imagination will take! Photo Courtesy: Facebook/BBC Culture


I was in seventh grade when I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. It was the best fairytale ending I could think of, until feminism happened to me. But Mr Darcy, till date remains the  archetype for Prince Charming--the imperfect Mr Perfect. He was the man who fell in love with the queen-of-sass-Elizabeth when it was not fashionable to have a wife who could think. He is the man who accepted his mistakes, apologized, and gave consent top priority. He backed out when she said 'No' and that was quite rad for back then.

But incorporating all of this into Tinder? Now we're talking!

This video by BBC Culture with Darcy and Liz using emoticons, swiping right and left on suitors we've only read about, and even exchanging messages written in typical Regency-era fashion--are you bowled over or ARE YOU BOWLED OVER? I mean, who else but Liz would say, "Go vex someone else, Mr Wickam," on Tinder? And that metaphor for an unsolicited dick-pic, that, dear friends, takes the cake.

Here's an ode to the old souls with their old school romance. This all your old school wishes come true in Victorian fashion in a tech-ridden world.

Watch the video here.

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