These curvy yoginis prove that yoga is for everyone, no matter your size

You need to follow them on Instagram, now!

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Dec 15, 2016
Fitness has nothing to do with your size. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/yogaforallmumbai

You know when a strong-willed woman sets her mind to something, there is absolutely no stopping her. The obstacles, the societal pressures, and even the stereotypes can't deter her from achieving her goals.

This stands true even in the case of fitness where ideally, only a toned-to-perfection woman is looked up to for inspiration.

Defying this stigma are a bunch of some seriously-badass women who prove that fitness has nothing to do with your size. We are talking about the curvy yoginis from across the world, who have taken Instagram by storm with their flexible AF bodies and incredible fitness levels.

Here are a few you need to start following on Instagram right away.

Dolly Singh

Gracing the list first is the Mumbai-based media professional, part-time chef, and yoga enthusiast Dolly Singh. Dolly who started practicing yoga post a serious ankle injury believes in spreading awareness and hence, can be spotted with her yoga mat, laptop, and speakers at various parks around Bandra. We love her confidence.


Rosemarie J.

This curvy yogini is also a self-confessed pet-lover and a big-time foodie who loves wine and cheese. She believes in the healing powers of yoga and holds the banner of body positivity high. We love her positive attitude in life.


Joshay S.

L.O.V.E. What do you love? Right now I'm digging planners and planner stickers. So. Much. Fun.

A photo posted by ...or maybe yoga found J. ?? (@jfindsyoga) on

Joshay also known as 'jfindsyoga' on Instagram, is a super-cute mommy who loves yoga so much that she believes yoga found her. Apart from spreading happiness through this calming physical activity, she also happens to be a book lover.


Dianne Bondy

My favourite song to practice to Get a Life Soul II Soul Lyrics This thing called life Know what's the meaning of the line, tell me Well it's like dreaming of your goals Ambitions and feeling free I'm on this mission to achieve Achieve what What's in your minds eye This is what you believe you should gain, huh uh Satisfaction becomes a shinning example A test of a sample of a new race That has ample supply of positivity You mean flow Well like electricity, so You see a clear way with no ambiguity Don't you know What's the meaning What's the meaning of life What's the meaning What's the meaning of life Elevate your mind, free your soul Well, come on, come on Feel the feeling let your body take control Ah yeah Elevate your mind, free your soul Well, come on, come on Feel the feeling let your body take control Tee from pants @lineagewear #standinyourpower #mybodyisayogabody #yogaforall #mybodymytemple @donnanobleyoga

A photo posted by Dianne Bondy (@diannebondyyoga) on

Dianne is closely associated with the #Iwontcompromise campaign which is testament to what big bodies can do. She believes that all bodies are good bodies, and that we all deserve beautiful things that help us appreciate the skin we live in.




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