Pakistani women share some absolutely dumb reasons why they got rejected by suitors

These responses will make you gag!

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Mar 04, 2017
It's unfortunate that families in the sub-continent want customized daughter-in-laws for their sons. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ ArsalanKhan

India and Pakistan might have divided opinions on everything political, but if there's something the two nations amicably agree upon is: it's not easy being a woman in both the countries. And it's even harder if you are of a marriageable age.

Now, you might have heard of a cousin, who got rejected by a suitor because she was too dark-skinned, or a family friend, who was turned down by her prospective in-laws for being a feminist. But, these scenarios are not limited to the periphery of our country alone.

Similar rishta meetings happen in Pakistan and more often than not, they end up in a disaster. However, the reasons for rejections are at times downright ridiculous.

Recently, a Twitter user started a thread by posting, "Ladies, quote this with whatever physical appearance you were rejected for by rishta people. I was rejected yesterday for bad front teeth."

Soon after, the social media website erupted with some really weird responses.

"In non-physical things, too educated, working women, reads too much, is only daughter so must be really laadli, too introverted, etc, etc," commented a Twitterati.

Imagine being turned down for being well read, educated, and having a job! Really, what sort of a world are we living in?

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And she was not the only one, who had to face rejection for taking her career too seriously. "I was rejected last year for telling them that I love working in media and won't quit," wrote another user.

And the list went on:

"I was rejected because hamaray Betay ko ziada parhi hoi nai chahye, wo kehta hai parh kr larkyan taiz ho jati hain," commented one woman.

"Btw 80% of rishta walas didn't even come over when they found out I was a working woman with no intentions of quitting. Yep," wrote another.
However, professional achievements were not the only reason for rejection for these women. The insult also included physical attributes. Like India, Pakistan too is obsessed with fair-skinned, light-weight beauties. Anything other than that is totally unacceptable.

"Thori ziada healthy hai. patli hoti tou aur bhi achi lagti," was told one user by the guy's family!

"I've also been rejected on the basis of my skin colour and the fact that I fail to turn myself into a pastry by using so much makeup," wrote another user named Abeerii.

It's unfortunate that families in the sub-continent want customized daughter-in-laws for their sons. One, who should check all the requirements in their list. And that mostly includes being submissive, beautiful, thin, and more than eager to abandon her rights.

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