Long nails are super annoying and should be declared a national hazard!

Just spare yourself and everybody else the horror, and cut them short.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima May 18, 2017
Honestly, who would even dare to pick up a fight with women who have long nails? Photo: YouTube/ LakmeIndia

God alone knows who came up with the idea of long nails. Seriously, what's so appealing about them? They look scary, are hard to maintain, and a constant threat to the people around. And no, it's not an exaggeration. If you are surrounded by women, who love growing their nails, then you would probably get what we are hinting at. Honestly, who would even dare to pick up a fight with them?

So, here's a suggestion. Let's just declare long nails a national hazard and just do away with them for good. We can suggest a million problems that long nails cause on a daily basis, but then, who has the time to read a ten thousand page thesis. Thus, here are five super annoying things that do happen.

Texting Is A Herculean Task
Let's just take a moment here and picture how unbelievably difficult it is for a woman with long nails to type. Oh! Those miniscule keys on the smartphone are the hardest to navigate. All you get to hear is click, click, click, and a plethora of typos. And no, let's not blame the fingers here or the limited set of vocabulary. It's the nails. You might have wanted to type D, but your nails decided to hit G. So, God becomes gog dumb became gumb! Got the point right?

Even Holding A Pen Is Difficult
Thanks to the long length of the nails, even holding petty things gets too difficult. For instance a pen. You would have probably done a better job of holding it while you were in kindergarten than you are doing now. So, how long does it take for you to write words like Hello! or Goodbye--ten thousand years?

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Beware: Don't Wash Your Face

Does your face ends up looking like Edward Scissorhand's after you are done washing your face? If yes, then our heart goes out to you. No matter how gently you try to rub your skin, but those damned nails always find a way of scratching the skin, somehow. So, it's best if you keep your nails away from your face. Try a facial brush, maybe.

Try Buttoning The Shirt--You Just Can't
If you have to reach office or college right on time, then we suggest you get up at midnight to start dressing up. After all, you will need to wash your face, and that we know is going to take a lot of time. And after all that jazz is done and you do start putting on clothes, trying to work the harmless looking buttons on your shirt is going to mess up your head and test your patience. So, all the best!

You Can't Eat With Your Hands
Don't you just love eating rajma chawal with your hands? Did we just hear a sigh? Yea, we totally get why you can't. Mostly because more food will end up getting caught in your nails than going in your mouth. Disgusting, no?

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