Model flouts hijab rule in Saudi Arabia, walks around wearing a crop top and miniskirt

The video of the model walking around without a hijab has sparked a debate on social media.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima
जुलाई 18, 2017
In Saudi Arabia, women are expected to cover their heads with a hijab. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Khaled

Saudi Arabia is infamous for treating its women as second-class citizens. And anyone who argues otherwise has probably not heard enough horror stories from the land. Clearly, this Islamic kingdom is not keen on upliftment of women. So, be it driving a car or walking the streets without a hijab, any act of empowerment on the part of women can land them in jail. However, defying a ton of diktats--one brave model flouted the country's strict hijab rule, and how. 

According to a report published in the Mirror, the woman, reportedly a model called Khulood, enraged the country's religious police after posting the clip on Snapchat of her walking around a historic fort in Ushayqir, a village in Najd province about 95 miles from the capital, Riyadh.

Though, it was not the walking that enraged the authorities but her 'audacity' to parade around the streets dressed in a crop top and skirt!

For the uninitiated, women--both local and foreigner--are expected to cover their heads and wear loose-fitting cloaks known as abayas. Anyone, who is found breaking the rule, is severely punished by the authorities. So, it's pretty shocking that Khulood not only risked her life by walking around the city without a hijab, but also uploaded the video of her daring act.

"The footage sparked a heated debate on social media, with some calling for her arrest for breaking the conservative Muslim country's strict dress code, while some came to the woman's defence, praising her 'bravery,' states a report published in BBC News.

Though, the opinion is divided on social media, Saudi authorities after seeing the video have issued an order for the model's arrest. In fact, Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that local officials have written a letter to the region's governor and police, asking to take action against those who made the video.

It's unfortunate that Saudi Arabia despite getting elected to United Nations Women's Rights Commission has failed to change its attitude towards women.

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