Kalki Koechlin is getting feminism right, and we couldn't be happier

She's definitely talking the talk.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha Jan 11, 2017
Kalki Koechlin has started a discourse that should have started long ago in Bollywood. Photo Courtesy: MansiBhabhi/Twitter

Kalki Koechlin entered our lives as Chanda, the beautiful and brazen prostitute with a heart of gold, in Dev D. But she entered our hearts because of her strong opinions on pressing social matters and her views on feminism.

The Margarita, With a Straw actress has earned our love by leveraging her position to fight the good fight time and again. Recently in an interview, she said that it is great to have a conversation about equality in the industry.

"It is great that it (feminism seeping into the industry) is coming in conversation. I think it is our job, and we need to keep that dialogue going and not just let it be a phase or fashion," Kalki said in an interview to IANS. "Feminism is definitely coming into forefront because the work force is with women. It is a new thing…There are a lot of questions around it but all these questions are great," she added.

And this is not the first time that she has spoken about women's issues and feminism. She once schooled a couple of reporters on feminism during an event. When a reporter asked her if she was ashamed of using words that are not acceptable in our society, she immediately retorted, "Do you mean words like fuck?"

Another reporter even attacked her saying if she was against men and if this anger increased after she got divorced. Kalki without even batting an eyelash gave him a piece of her mind. "I am not a man-hater. If you think feminism is about hating men, you need to Google your facts," she said.

She even took to Twitter to teach people the basic definition of feminism.


The 33-year-old actress, during her solo theatrical monologue titled Wo-Manologue had called upon women to embrace their sexuality and refrain from competing with men. She said that it was imperative that both sexes acknowledge that their "different bodies" have "different capacities."

"No gender is fairer than the other. Women are not a doormat. We are equivalent to men. It is just that we have different bodies and different biological needs. We have capacities which should be celebrated and rewarded in the society," she said.

She has never shied away from taking on the sexist, regressive, and extremely patriarchal mindset that believes that women are to be blamed for being raped and molested. She even took down a very famous self-proclaimed, yet tainted, god-man in her viral video It's Your Fault in a really unique and sarcastic manner.

She's a proud feminist and isn't afraid to use the word or associate herself with women's movement. In a powerful poem Printing Machine she penned last year, she slammed the media for sensationalizing news just to get more mileage. She also talked about the crime against women and how society treats the female race.
She was not afraid to speak against the wage gap in Bollywood, and called out the fact that an actress only gets paid more than her male counterpart if she's Priyanka Chopra!

In a society that perpetuates the stigma of abla naari, Kalki went on a public platform like Humans of Bombay on Facebook to talk about sexual abuse.

At a time when actresses rarely come forward when it comes to calling a spade a spade, Kalki is definitely the breath of fresh air in the industry.


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