What's the point of launching an anti-diabetes cooking oil when your ad is sexist AF?

Sabka health important hai

Tina Das Tina Das
नवंबर 14, 2017

Diabetes- the word sends shivers up my spine because I am a person who loves jalebi . And aloo. These two things define my life. And if I do have diabetes some day, well, my life would be over. *insert dramatic music*

Why am I talking about diabetes? Because 14th November is not just Children's Day; it's also World Diabetes Day. I was flipping through the newspaper, half sleepy, till I found the ad in a newspaper. You will be like; there she goes again- ab isme kya kharaabi hai?

The ad covered half the page of a leading newspaper. The ad covered half the page of a leading newspaper.

Kharaabi hai kafi saari. But I will focus on just a few :

1.  Such tempting food is shown in the ad, that when you reach office in the morning shift and are hungry, your stomach gives aloud growl.

2. Jokes apart, the ad itself which shows a wife feeding her husband food, presumably cooked in oil that helps prevent diabetes.

3. My problem is that, why is it still assumed that women need to take care of the health of the husband? Why is it that there is no cooking oil ad that shows husbands cooking for their wives and saying, you need to be healthy too.

4. Is health the responsibility of women and the right of man? How many of us have mothers who do not eat till her husband and children have not eaten first? When food might have gotten cold in the fan, and she will not even heat it up. In fact, often if the quantity of food is less, she will eat lesser food. And that has nothing to do with financial situation of the family- it is the idea of 'family first' that makes a lot of women neglect their own health.

Ads are usually of thirty seconds or just half a page in a newspaper, but sometimes we remember their taglines while we don't remember even the surname of our distantly related relatives. And such ads that tell women to take care of their husband's heart and diabetes ends up promoting the husband as more important than the wife.

That the oil can really help prevent diabetes or not, is another matter altogether. But we have chosen to focus on the depiction of the woman here. 

You might say no one is that stupid. Well, a newspaper and a TV are two mediums available in villages and suburban areas too- people might not read books, but they do watch TV or pick up a newspaper. It is their source of knowledge.

And as you think about it, this data will help you understand why women need to be aware of their own health first. The family can be healthy only if all the members in the family are healthy- not just the husband and children. The mother and bahu need to be fit as much as the others, and not just worry about her family's diabetes.

 Watch this video to know more about diabetes and women's health:



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