15 most unusual Indian delicacies

15 most unusual Indian delicacies

  • Benami Kheer: The main ingredient of this "nameless" kheer is garlic, and trust us, it is pure delight!

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  • Red Ant Chutney
    Known as Chaprah  in Chhatisgarh, this tangy chutney is said to give an out of the world experience!

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  • Phan Pyut
    These are rotten potatoes, eaten with relish in many parts of Eastern India. The potatoes are allowed to rot in soil. Then they are taken out, treated with spices and eaten.

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  • Nahkham
    A Garo tribe delicacy, it is a dried fish curry blended with distilled ashes and vegetables. The dish has a terrible smell!

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  • Black Rice: Also known as Magic Rice it is full of health benefits and is eaten in Manipur, Kerala and North Bengal.

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  • Khorisa
    A popular Assamese dish which consists of grated bamboo shoot is fermented in raw or pickled form.

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  • Haldi ka Halwa
     Available around Makar sakranti in January, Haldi is made into a delicious halwa. This sticky and brownish-coloured halwa is supposed fight cold and strengthen immunity.

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  • Frog Legs
    The Lepchas of Sikkim value it more than gold!.

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  • Eri Polu
    Made with silk worm pupas, it is an exotic dish of Assam.

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  • Dog Meat
    Dog meat is quite popular in Nagaland and Mizoram and is apparently costlier than Chicken meat!

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  • Daulat ki Chaat
    Referred to as God's own street food, it is a light frothy cream made by whisking milk for hours on cold winter nights. It is served with a topping of pistachios and mawa. It is mostly available on chilly winter mornings in the streets of Delhi's Chandani Chawk as it mostly melts due to heat as the day progresses.

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  • Chakki ki sabzi
    It is eaten  in a special Jain month when they are forbidden even green veggies as that would amount to killing a living being. It is made with gluten and some spices.

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  • Lamb's Brain
    Bheja Fry or brain fry or curry is a favorite of the people of Hyderabad and Lucknow, though it is also very popular in other parts of the country.

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  • Bhang Pakore: Made with the leaves of cannabis, this is a popular dish in eastern India, and is relished particularly at the onset of spring-around Shivratri and Holi.

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  • Those who believe that Indian food is very 'regular' and is all about rice, veggies, meats and sweets will surely be in for a shock when the they discover that just as the country is a hot pot of myriad cultures and religions, so is it's food. From strict vegans who do not even eat veggies for the fear of hinsa to communities who relish dogs and frogs and from rotten potatoes to heavenly 'milk cloud'-the culinary variety here is unimaginable and profound. Read to find out.

    Baby Shark Curry: A rare and expensive Goan dish.

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