10 things that ward off evil eye

10 things that ward off evil eye

  • Amulet: Amulets and talismans given at temples or by holy men are also protective.

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  • Protecting livestock: To remove ill effects of evil eye from domestic animals, a burning coconut is rotated around the head of the animal.

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  • Nimbu-Mirchi: It is perhaps one of the common practices. This combination is said to keep away evil eye.

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  • Kala tikka: A black tikka on forehead or on face , especially those of little children is done to keep way the ill effects of nazar of people with bad intent.

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  • Lemon in a glass of water: Placing lemon in a glass of water at workplace is said to absorb negative energy that might prove detrimental to smooth flow of work at office.

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  •  Mustard seeds: Scattering mustard seeds around the house is said to protect it form evil souls.

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  • Neem leaves: Keeping neem leaves in pocket while going out protects too.

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  • Red chillies and rock salt: Rotating red chillies and rock salt around the face of the affected person removes bad effects of evil eye.

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  • Salt: Keeping salt in a bowl in some corner of the house is said to absorb negative energy.

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  • Aquarium: Keeping an aquarium in house wards off negative energy.

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  • While some may feel scandalized and dismayed about it, yet there is no denying the fact that the concept of evil eye has been a part of the human civilization since times immemorial. A malevolent look, that has the power to cause misfortune has been feared and dreaded perhaps since the inception of humankind. Plato, Plutarch, Heliodorus have mentioned it in their works.

    Whether they are believable or not is a matter of personal preference. But the huge fear associated with 'that malicious look' surely evokes a lot of curiosity. Here's a look at some interesting things that we do in India to stay protected from the ill effects of evil eye.

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