Actors who smoke in real life

  • Vivek Oberoi, who is now a World Health Organisation anti-tobacco spokesperson, is of the opinion that a cigarette is nothing short of a cancer stick. "I thought smoking was cool. Actually I was a big fool. After that I quit smoking and by God's grace, I have never gone back to smoking," says Vivek. We approve!

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  • Rajnikanth, the demi-God of South Indian films has also been a heavy smoker all his life. He has recently opted a healthy lifestyle by kicking the butt. He is currently hospitalised in Singapore due to severe illness. We wish him the best and hope the younger heroes take a cue from the superstar!

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  • Our Johnny boy is a health freak and absolutely does not promote smoking. The only time he puffed the cancer stick was for the movie No Smoking. John Abraham promotes healthy lifestyle and we love him for that!

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  • Ready actor Salman Khan says he is ready to try to quit smoking. "I'm trying to (quit smoking)… Once you quit, there are also chances of picking it up again because when you find people around you smoking, you join them to be with them. But it slowly and slowly kills you and people stop only when they are advised by the doctor. So everyone should quit it before reaching that stage," says the man. That's a lot of gyan without any action, eh?

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  • The controversial Sanjay Dutt has always been in the news for wrong reasons. From abusing drugs at a young age to being addicted to Marlboro cigarettes to a point where he was even allowed to smoke in prison during his jailterm, this man has done it all. It is said he is now trying to turn a new leaf ever since wife Manyata happened to him.

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  • The Omkara star, Ajay Devgan is also a chain smoker. He has been fined for smoking in public a few times but that does not seem to deter our man here. Sad.

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  • A self confessed chain-smoker, Irfan Khan started smoking while doing his first play but ended up picking the habit. He wants to kick the bad habit, which he calls his biggest disappointment. We are waiting dude!

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  • Fardeen Khan quit smoking a while back. "By smoking, I was killing myself slowly but surely. I lost my father to it and I realised that I would never want to put the people I love through what I went. Not if I could help it," says the Khan. From 30 ciggies a day to healthy living now, this man has come a long way.

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  • Ask his mom Sharmila Tagore and she will tell you, 'Saif smokes too much.' The Agent Vinod star was addicted to the cancer stick till a little while back. Saif Ali Khan fell seriously ill and was taken to a hospital in 2007 after which it was very obvious that he had to cut down on smoking if he wanted a healthy life.

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  • Hrithik Roshan, the otherwise clean fellow as far as controversies goes, is not as clean when it comes to smoking. We are told he took to smoking regularly when he was shooting for Guzaarish. He is eager to kick the butt though.

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  • Arjun Rampal, the absolutely delicious Greek God for us Indians also loves to smoke. It's a pity, nay?

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  • This chocolate boy cum casanova cum Kapoor khandaan lad is in the news for his talent and penchant for tall lasses, but what few people know is that Ranbir Kapoor is also a heavy smoker. Prakash Jha, his director in Rajneeti had a tough time when Ranbir craved to have a smoke in between his shots.

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  • So many of our hot favourite actors don't do justice to that amazing personality and body of theirs. They smoke, not only in films but also in real life. While we wonder women want them smoking hot always, we want them to kick the butt for good!

    ShahRukh Khan is probably the leader of the cig-smoking pack of Bollywood. He has been fined in the past and has been seen speaking openly about his addiction to the cancer stick, finishing 4 packs in a single day sometimes!

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