10 best ever flirting ideas

10 best ever flirting ideas

  • A lot of men find intellectual conversations a huge turn on. And added to that is the charm of a woman with brains. So, while you're still in the act, make sure he realises that your beauty is not just skin deep - you've got brains, too!

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  • Talk to him in a controlled, yet open manner. Share jokes, little funny anecdotes and so on. Make him believe that you wouldn't just want it to be a one night stand.

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  • If you're sitting with your legs crossed, undo the position for a while, and cross the other leg over. It sends out a signal that you wouldn't mind him thinking of taking things to the second base.

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  • The age old trick of fluttering your eyelashes - but not a lot - is also a key flirting method.

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  • While speaking to him, try and touch his hand once or twice, but make it look like it's involuntary.

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  • After the initial small-talk, when you understand that he's really interested in you, leave little hints here and there about the fact that you're interested in him.

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  • Once the guy is near you, wait for him to initiate a conversation. Don't start talking to him on your own.

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  • If you're at the bar and sipping a drink, make sure you steal a gaze or two when he's approaching you.

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  • Touch your face and lips lightly, ruffle up your hair just a bit when the guy is looking at you. These signs indicate that you want him to notice you.

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  • Don't go by the notion that only men should make the first move. Flirting, when done with the best intentions in mind, can be really enjoyable. While you're out on a social gathering or for a couple of drinks to a pub, or for a ladies' night, casual flirting can help you get the man you've set your eyes upon.  And if it hits the bull's eye, bravo! We offer you a few tricks that come in handy while flirting with the man you want.

    Converse with your eyes. If you like someone, try and hold his gaze for a while. When you've communicated with your eyes that you're interested in him, you've accomplished the crucial first step.

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