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Between The Sheets

Why we desperately need 'feminist porn' in our lives

Mainstream porn largely focuses on exploitation of women and their bodies.

Between The Sheets

Afraid of having sex? This is why you need to talk about it

Don't let the confusion consume you. Find out the reason why you run away from sex.


Is your partner cheating on you? The answer might be in his voice

All you need is keen ears to determine if your partner has been unfaithful; at least that's what this study says.


5 ways to get over someone who you have never really dated

How do you make yourself stop obsessing over someone you've never had a relationship with?


4 practical ways to save your relationship when you are suffering from depression

When you are depressed, holding onto your relationship seems like an uphill climb.


4 awkward stages of every new relationship

New relationships can give you butterflies in your tummy, but in an awkward way.

Between The Sheets

Google revealed most commonly searched sex questions and they prove men know nothing about pleasuring women

Yep, it's true. Men know hardly anything about how to make women happy in bed.


Tired of ghosting and other terrible dating trends? Try 'breezing' and make your love life easy

Raise the roof for 'breezing'--a not so terrible dating trend!


Ladies, your man's face shape can determine if he will cheat on you

Believe it or not, but there's a connection between face shapes and sexual habits.


Do non-Indian men make better boyfriends? I have the answer

Indian boyfriends and 'stick up the a**' have kind of become synonymous for me.

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