Shocking: Bollywood MMS scandals that horrified us

Here's taking a look at twelve Bollywood MMS scandals that left us horrified.

  • Sasha Agha
    A few days before Sasha Agha's debut film, Aurangzeb, hit the theatres, an MMS with the actress and actor Ruslaan Mumtaz was leaked. The video, which was thought to be a publicity stunt, well-timed with the release of Aurangzeb, soon metamorphosed into a full-blown scandal. Sasha, along with mother Salma Agha, addressed the media in a press conference, saying that the MMS was a fake one.

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  • Isabel Kaif
    Katrina Kaif's sister, Isabel, too, was involved in an MMS controversy. The video, which had the girl making out with a man, soon went viral. Katrina rushed to her sister's defence, saying that it was not Isabelle in the MMS.

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  • Katrina Kaif
    A video, which had Katrina Kaif stripping in front of some men, became the talk of the town when it hit numerous phone and computer screens. The actress maintained that she was not the woman in the MMS.

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  • Soha Ali Khan
    Soha Ali Khan also became the victim of an MMS controversy. In the clip, the actress was seen undressing, and was supposedly shot - without her knowledge - when Soha had gone to a salon for waxing.

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  • Prashant Narayanan and Vedita Pratap Singh
    A few days before the release of the film Bhindi Bazaar Inc., an MMS clip with actors Prashant Narayanan and Vedita Pratap Singh took the internet, and mobile phones, by storm. The intimate video was declared a publicity stunt a few days later.

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  • Mallika Sherawat
    Mallika Sherawat has always been known for her smooches and cuddles on camera. The actress shot to fame with seventeen of her full-blown kisses with Himanshu Malik in the film Khwahish, and therafter, her make-out scenes with Emraan Hashmi in Murder. An MMS that featured someone who appeared to be Mallika, making out with an unidentified man, broke the internet when it leaked out. The actress vehemently denied that it was she in the MMS, and maintained that it was a lookalike.

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  • Preity Zinta
    Preity Zinta has appeared in a towel, in front of the camera, several times during her Bollywood career. However, when an MMS of a girl, bathing, leaked out, Preity wasn't very amused. The girl in the video looked like Preity, and the actress has denied being the one in the MMS.

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  • Mika and Rakhi Sawant
    Mika and Rakhi Sawant's tiff over a kiss made it to the headlines back when the incident took place. Sawant even went ahead and filed a complaint against the singer for kissing her without permission. And as if on cue, an MMS clip of the singer kissing Rakhi went viral on the internet, resulting in a lot of negative publicity for the two involved.

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  • Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor
    When an MMS featuring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, both well known actors in Bollywood, leaked out, it was quite shocking for both who were involved in the MMS as well as the people who received it. The two actors, who were in a relationship back then, were seen in an intimate liplock in this video.

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  • Mona Singh
    The Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi actress, Mona Singh, too, was the rallying point of an MMS controversy, when a video of the actress walking around nude inside a house went viral. The actress later filed a complaint alleging that the video was a fake one.

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  • Sherlyn Chopra
    It was not much of a shock for people who received an MMS, which had Sherlyn Chopra in a changing room. The actress had already bared her all for the Playboy shoot, and numerous nude photos of the actress had been doing the rounds of the internet before the MMS in discussion was leaked. And goes without saying, Sherlyn was in news, and garnered quite a few public views, once the MMS was out.

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  • These days, given the advent of technology and the mania of sharing things on the internet, it doesn't take more than a few hours for something to make it to our phones. And when an MMS features a person from Bollywood, it gets all the more viral, thanks to the amount of interest people take in the lives of celebrities. A lot of Bollywood actors and actresses have been victims of MMS scandals; and at times these MMSes have turned out to be fake, too. Here's taking a look at twelve MMS scandals that left us horrified.

    Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen
    Neither Ashmit Patel nor Riya Sen could make much of a name for themselves in Bollywood till this controversy rocked their lives. Once their infamous MMS leaked and made it to numerous folders all over the phones and PCs of Indians, Ashmit and Riya enjoyed a kind of publicity - albeit, negative - that their years in Bollywood couldn't have gifted them with. However, despite the two being clearly visible in the video, both Ashmit and Riya denied their part in the same.

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