8 sex moves to drive her crazy

  • Viennese Oyster
    This is an even more extreme version of The Folded Deck Chair, you've really got her pinned down for a good drilling now! She's actually got her ankles crossed behind her head so it does require a good bit of flexibility on the girl's part.

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  • Folded Deck Chair
    In this position where you're facing each other, you're pinning her legs up so it's a very dominant position for the man (most women like that) and you can actually pin her arms at the same time too by grabbing her wrists after you've got her legs up like that, and her legs are together which makes it feel better. Just get in position and pound away.

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  • Standing Doggy Style
    It is the best way to have a quickie: she just hikes up her skirt or drops her pants, bends over, and grabs whatever's in front of her: kitchen counter, table, chair, desk, wall, whatever, then you just jump and hump her from behind like a horny Rottweiler on a bitch in heat.

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  • The Drill
    This is the one to use if you've got a lot of stamina and she really likes getting pounded hard over and over again, some girls can have orgasm this way.   Lots of fun if you're fit enough to do it long enough

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  • The Downstroke
    Fantastic way to really get some penetration and just pound away on her as hard as you want, plus her legs are squeezed together which makes it feel better for both.

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  • Ben Dover
    Fantastic way to take her from behind and it really lets you penetrate deep because of the way her vagina is angled towards you. Best for a quickie because she's probably not going to be able to stay in that position for too long.

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  • Reverse Cowgirl
    If you have trouble lasting or you just want to go and go and go for 45 minutes or an hour straight, this is your position. It feels similar to the Jockey position because it does feels awesome. When you do this, the girl needs to sort of slide forwards and backwards more than up an down, it works better and she won't get tired anywhere near as quickly.

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  • Here are some sex positions that feel the best as both are involved and most likely to get her to orgasm and possibly even squirt and even enjoy the most.

    The Jockey
    Nothing gets her vagina wrapped around your penis, it practically feels like it's massaging the underside of your dick.  Plus, it's just as fantastic for her. The reason it feels so good for her is that the penis is forcefully pushing down on, massaging, the front inner wall of the vagina right where the G-spot is, it makes for toe-curling orgasms for all involved and sometimes squirting for the girl.

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