6 Ways to know that she wants sex

  • After watching wildlife on TV
    Women become physically aroused after watching animals doing it on TV. She'll subconsciously seek physical contact. So start seeking out animal documentaries in your TV guide. She'll be physically but not mentally aroused, so try a head or foot massage. Her oxytocin levels will soar and it'll sensitise her skin. If she presses her body into yours, she's ready. Keep it on the sofa instead of shifting to the bedroom: That novelty produces more dopamine, which gives you a stronger orgasm.

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  • She fancies spicy chaat
    Like sex, spices stimulate production of dopamine, the body's reward chemical and mimic the physiological effects of sex, like sweating and raised heart rate. Stroke her fires with a chocolate chili bar. Women get more pleasure from eating chocolate than from ten minutes kissing. Sharing food always helps.

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  • She's had a bath
    There's a reason women savour a drink in their bath tubs: A bubble bath is a sensory-deprivation tank: It shuts out noise, work and responsibilities. A fundamental of female sexual arousal is the ability to push concerns out of the mind. A hot bath is also arousing as it stimulates the senses with warmth and the texture of the bubbles. Don't jump in; let her unwind. Light a candle with some lemongrass oil. Then just towel her down...

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  • She's out watering the plants
    She's wet, bent over and surrounded by the heady smell of damp earth. If she's got her shortest shorts on, she's subtly teasing you. A woman deliberately displaying her butt is an expression of fertility. Do this get playful with water. Games are a good form of foreplay- it doesn't matter how clumsy or awkward you get. The added stimulus of making out in a place accessible to prying eyes is also very exciting.

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  • Day after she's had a Brazilian
    We mean a wax. Not only will she want to be admired, her skin will be ultra-reponsive to touch. A day is long enough for the pain to ease. Undress her slowly. She wants her efforts appreciated. Kiss her belly and go down to the crease between her leg and torso; the skin is ultra thin and veins are very close to the surface. Once you've reached her bikini line, lick her skin to stimulate even more nerve endings.

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  • Top six surprising occasions she wants sex -and how you can satisfy her every time.

    She's in the kitchen
    Back when food had to be gathered and stored, women protected it by giving meals and sexual favours to men who'd protect them. Do this Lend a hand. A study showed that men who cook are twice as likely to get sex. Vanilla, cinnamon and banana nut bread act as sexual arousers by increasing bloodfl ow to the vagina.

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