6 ways to get a girl to have sex with you

  • Maintain good eye contact
    Guys often use eye contact when approaching women, but they tend to ignore or underestimate its ability on revving up a woman's libido. The next time you are talking to a girl and wondering how to get sex from her, simply tell her she is the sexiest woman in the room, while gazing directly into her eyes. Don't be surprised if she starts to make out with you in public minutes later.

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  • Touch her
    Words are great, but the skin is the largest organ in the body and responsive to sensual touch. Get sex by using any part of your body to rub or touch a woman's skin. It can be as simple as holding and caressing her hand, to using your leg to rub her dress against her skin, or even a casual touch of your hand against her face. This will help get a girl to have sex with you.

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  • Flip the script
    If you've ever been in a relationship with a woman that lasted for months without you getting any sex, the problem was a power issue. Women want a man who naturally assumes a leadership role in the relationship. If you give up that power, a woman will seize it, withhold sex and potentially treat you badly. There's no reason why you should ever relinquish authority in a relationship to a woman. Be the man/the leader and get as much sex as you want by being firm and doing what you want to do.

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  • Practice during the day
    By the time your weekend rolls around and its time to head out to your local social hotspot, you'll be more confident and will more easily be able to carry on a conversation with a woman you've just met. Soon enough, you'll forget about trying to work out how to get sex, because you'll be lying in bed with a new woman each week.

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  • Improve your social skills
    You won't get a girl to have sex with you by standing in the corner of the room all night and watching other guys interact with girls. Nor will you get it by watching porn every week. You don't have to be the life of the party at social events or bars, but you do need to interact with women. The more women you interact with, the better your social skills become. The better your social skills become, the more sex you will get.

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  • If you want to get a girl to have sex with you, then use these six tested tips to get sex naturally and easily.

    Look like you're ready for sex
    Getting a woman to have sex with you is like turning in a book report in high school. Women don't expect you to be a pretty boy or metrosexual, but when a guy hits on a girl and doesn't bother to take care of his personal hygiene - it just looks lazy and unattractive. Women want you to present well, because it's the modern world and you now have access to deodorant, a shower, hair gel and the like! It doesn't require a lot of effort to spice up you appearance if you want to get a girl to have sex with you. Simply make sure that you're clean and wearing clothes that fit and compliment your style.

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