6 sex positions that hit your G-spot

  • Here's something else your G-spot has in common with your nipples and clitoris: the more sensation that builds up, the bigger the release you'll feel when you orgasm. Use these strokes during foreplay to increase your sensitivity slowly and lay the groundwork for a major explosion.

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  • Ever been in the middle of sex when your guy thrusts at a certain angle and-hello!-a wave of pleasure that's different, deeper, and so damn good washes over your body? It was probably his penis hitting your G-spot. Don't just sit and wait for that happy accident. These positions will ensure that his member strokes your G over and over again, causing you unimaginable pleasure.

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  • The side-to-side touch sets off nearby nerve endings and creates a spillover effect of pleasure around your G-spot.

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  • Lap dance position provides maximum closeness. While your guy sits cross-legged, scoot onto his lap and ease his penis inside you, extending your legs comfortably. Have him hold your hips while you recline-you can grab his shoulders for support. The upward angle lets his penis stroke your front vaginal wall continuously; with your bodies wrapped tightly together, says Berman, you'll feel incredibly intimate.

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  • Missionary doesn't really get your G-spot going. This twist puts you two on a more G-friendly angle, says Berman. Lie back, propping your pelvis with a few pillows under your butt, then tuck your knees into your chest before he enters you. As with the previous move, your vaginal walls will be pushed closer together, allowing his penis to graze your hot spot.

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  • There are countless ways to incorporate the G-spot into every stage of sex, from foreplay to orgasm.

    A gentle two-finger tapping motion against your G-spot will stimulate the area and focus your attention right where it should be. Try it yourself or have your guy slip two fingers inside you and then tap your G lightly, alternating taps with each fingertip. The taps excite the nerves near your G over and over, so each one feels like it's the first time you're being touched.

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