5 creative sex positions

  • Dirty Linens
    This creative easy sex position is a little tricker only because it involves the use of a washing machine or dryer. Load some change into the machine and, if you have some, load in the laundry. Start the cycle, and have your partner lie across the machine with her feet planter firmly on the ground. You enter behind her and do your best to time your thrusts with the movement of the machine. If you can nail the timing, you'll give her one of the most explosive orgasms she's ever experienced.

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  • The Flying V
    The two of you need to be lying on the bed as if you were about to start missionary, but have your partner raise her legs before you enter her. Once you do, she can keep that "V" shape by resting her legs on your arms as you thrust into her. This is one of the best ways for you to hit her G spot while you to come to an orgasm together

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  • The Yoga Instructor
    Despite its name, you guys don't need to have the flexibility of a gymnast to pull off this creative easy sex position. While the two of you are standing, have your partner bend down at the waist and put her hands on her knees, making sure not to bend them. You grab her waist and enter her from behind, once again making sure to not start off too fast. It might also help if she has a small table or chair to grab onto if her upper body strength isn't up to par for keeping that position for an extended period of time.

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  • The Lapdance
    You're going to need an armless chair in order to pull off this creative easy sex position. Sit down and have your lover straddle you; she gets to take complete control of the situation while you're allowed to sit back and watch an amazing show. This also happens to be one of the best sex positions for letting her reach an orgasm at her own pace, so be sure to use this one every once in a while to reassure her that you care about her needs.

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  • If you're ready to bring some new fireworks into your love life, then try out the five best creative easy sex positions. These varying positions will have you and your partner writhing with pleasure as you grind into each other with raw sensuality. We're moving beyond simple doggy-style or reverse cowgirl with these sex positions-these new ideas will have the two of you looking at each other in a completely different way. If you're ready for something new, here are the best creative easy sex positions ever.

    The Frog
    Have your partner lie on her stomach with her legs completely straight at her sides. You straddle her and enter from behind, crouching almost like a frog as you thrust. This is one of the best creative easy sex positions because it allows the both of you to take a completely relaxed position during the act of lovemaking, though you should be sure as to not start hammering away immediately-instead, take things slow and be sure to only increase speed if she says so.

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