4 ways to have sex in chair

  • You may also perform on a chair with her standing. There are two choices here: bent over the chair, where you will mount her from behind, or place her hands on the back of the chair from the side. Her one leg will spread out down the arm of the chair. You will penetrate her from behind but with more of a side saddle approach.

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  • Have her sit as she normally would. Slide her to the edge and if so inclined, perform orally on her. When you are ready for intercourse, place your arms under her thighs for support. Slide into her gently as you move forward. Once you are fully inserted, you can begin to make love as you normally would.  Remember, you are her support so keep her on the chair and fully engaged.

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  • Take her to the chair, leading her gently but with persuasion. The chair can be any style really, but avoid dining room chairs, as they are less comfortable.

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  • The same old sexual positions can get boring; why not sprinkle in some chair sex for a change of pace. Having sex in a chair is as easy as in a bed. The access and penetration points in a chair are identical except for a little flexibility and perhaps strength. If you want to give your woman something new, take her and have sex on a chair. Sex in a chair is fun and a quick learn for the eager couple.

    To begin this adventure, be sure to partake in some foreplay. This will allow you both to get heated and into the mood. Foreplay is always a great prelude to sex. Having chair sex takes a little more effort than say missionary does, so it is best to prepare yourself.

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