30 hot sex ideas for Valentine's Day

  • Make standing wheelbarrow easier: he sits on the couch; you sit on him. Your knees must be on either side of his thighs, and then start thrusting.

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  • Make a regular sex date to start the week. Researchers found that a romp can cure a case of the Mondays.

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  • Kneel over him with your knees on either side of his shoulders. Give him a vigorous hand job-this in combination with the unbeatable view is a total erotic treat.

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  • Replace your cotton undies with sexy, lacey ones.

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  • Tell him, "I'm excited". Couples expert Ish Major, MD, swears this phrase amps up a man's desire. Try, "I'm excited to get naked with you."

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  •  Don't get stuck in a kissing rut. Experiment with soft and sensual, rough and passionate, or plain tongue-led on different days.

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  • Have a naked pillow fight.

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  •  Get in the tub, and bring a cup of ice cubes. Run a few over his package until they melt-mixing hot and cold sensations is moan inducing.

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  • When he's going down on you, tell him to trace a hot message on your bits.

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  •  Take him down in the middle of your favourite show. Research reveals guys wish their sex lives were more spontaneous.

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  •  Have lazy morning sex. Research reveals people who get it on in early in the day are much happier.

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  • Think naughty thoughts on your way back from work, so when you get home, you're already in the mood to jump him.

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  • Climb on top, and play with just the tip for a few minutes. Then get up, grab some water, and leave him hanging. When you finally take all of him, it'll feel like sensory overload.

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  • When moving down south, many women converge on their man's General,  but his entire pelvic region has tonnes of sensitive spots aching for attention. Starting at the spot where his left thigh meets his groin, move your tongue down toward his scrotum, up between the testes, and then come down and around, finishing in the crease between his right thigh and his groin. The invisible lines of this W shape are thin-skinned, full of nerve endings, and very sensitive.

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  • During intercourse, you're all wrapped up in each other. So extend that carnal concept further by literally tying yourselves together. Take a really long piece of sturdy plastic wrap (long enough to fit around your body about eight times). Fold it in half, twist it into a long rope that fits snugly around both of your bodies twice, and secure it with a knot at your waist so you're locked together.

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  • Mix up your oral sex routine by having him take his above-the neck technique below the belt. Even if his skills are stellar, it's a fun and unique experience if he French kisses you down-there, the way he would your lips. He can tickle the area with his tongue, wiggle it in a circular motion from top to bottom, and gently suck the skin.

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  •  You can create a pleasurable hot-and-cold double-whammy with sips of warm mint tea. The tea makes your mouth hot as you put it on each other's private parts. And, the menthol in the mint tea will cool down the area when you pull your mouth away.

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  •  Start by stacking six scrunchies on top of each other over his package. Then remove them one by one using your lips and tongue. As each piece is removed, it releases a little bit of pressure in his penis, which will make his orgasm more intense when it happens. Plus, the movement of the fabric will feel wild on his skin.

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  • For a unique sensation, use an artist's paintbrush to tickle each other's skin. Take turns running it across the inner arms, behind the knees, over the tops of the feet-any area that's sensitive. The bristles arouse nerve endings, sending a message to the brain that you're yearning for more touch and sensation. For varying effects, test out different brush sizes.

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  • Okay, this one drives guys wild. Heat up some massage oil, and put it in one of those squeezy bottles you find in salons that they keep the nail polish remover, etc. in. Then use the bottle to draw shapes, spell out naughty words, or create trails on his body-from his neck, over his arms, then down his back, butt, and legs. The hot oil moving in specific lines excites the skin more than a broad stroke would.

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  • Incorporating food into your passion play is a classic carnal activity. Turning your bodies into a sexy buffet is a fresh spin. Take your favourite erotically appealing flavour combos, like peanut butter and honey, for example. Put a dollop of peanut butter on an area where you'd like to be licked (avoiding your genitals). Then dot the honey on the same spot on the opposite side of your body. Instruct him to lick off one flavour and then make his way over to the other: a pleasurable sensation for you.

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  • Forget about just stroking your man with a simple pair of satin panties! For a real treat, pop those silky numbers in the freezer a day before. Then loosely wrap the icy fabric around his package and gently and slowly slide it up and down. The coolness combined with the satiny smooth texture provides a surprising sensation.

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  • Alternately, you can also see some old pics together to revive those happy old memories.

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  • Slip in bed and read some sensual literature together or watch some romanic/sexy movie.

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  • Gift lingerie/innerwear to your Valentine. It seems a bit cliché, but nothing can be more suggestive than this.

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  • Cook something light and sumptuous for dinner. Heavy food spoils the mood. Top it up with a glass of wine.

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  • Spray some light perfume for aroma in the room and you do not forget to take a warm shower with essential, relaxing oils.

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  •  Decorate your bedroom in traditional Valentine style i.e with roses and candles. It actually sets the mood in.

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  • Think of the evening, plan for it in advance. There should not be last minute hassles like guests dropping in, or your forgetting the door keys!

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  • Valentine's Day is special because it is that one day, solely dedicated to love. And you can actually make it hot and happening by trying these amazing ideas that never fail.

    Begin the day in the classic way. Don't forget the gift, the roses and the card. Love is the first step to passionate lovemaking.

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