12 Super-freaky sex facts

  • Cornflakes and Graham Crackers were created to 'cure' dirty thoughts. Back in the 1800s, a high sex drive was thought to be caused by spicy foods. To make a bland diet more appealing, new food products were invented-like the cereal and snack we still eat today.

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  • Almost all women need below-the-belt stroking before they're able to have an orgasm. But about one per cent can hit the high note simply by having their nipples played with. Imagine!

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  • Being in a relationship can increase a guy's urge to masturbate. That's because having regular sex amps up testosterone production, making him even hornier than he would be without you.

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  • Men aren't the only ones who get larger when they are feeling lusty. When a woman's desire is fired, her breasts swell and her vagina expands. And if her G-spot is aroused, this pea-size passion button along the upper wall of her vagina can grow to the size of a walnut.

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  • While he sleeps, a guy continues to get hard-about six erections each night (if he sleeps the average eight hours per night). Snooze-time stiffies keep his penis in peak condition by bringing much-needed oxygen to his penile tissues.

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  • The more a dude orgasms, the less ejaculate his body produces. So if it's been a day since his last big O, he could release up to a tablespoon of fluid. But if it's only been hours, he's likely to trickle out much less.

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  • Women who eat chocolate every day have a greater desire for sex, and more satisfying experiences between the sheets.

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  • A man's testicles are always a few degrees cooler than the rest of his body; if they aren't, his sperm will be damaged. If the air feels too cool or he's in cold water, his scrotal muscles raise his twins closer to his body to heat them up. If it's too hot in there, his balls hang away from his crotch, so they can catch a breeze.

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  • Guys in their teens and 20s can get off up to 10 times a day. That's because they have high levels of testosterone, which keeps their libido raging.

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  • On the other hand, two per cent of women are turned on all the time. They suffer from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, which causes them to orgasm 10 to hundreds of times a day.

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  • A recent study found that one out of 100 people are asexual-they've never been sexually attracted to anyone.

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  • Some extremely bizarre things happen below the belt. Check out our list of the most shocking.

    1. About one per cent of women are allergic to semen. Within minutes to hours of a man's ejaculation, they develop swelling and itching wherever their skin made contact with the stuff. Luckily, having their guy wear a condom prevents the allergy from flaring up.

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