10 Ways to blow his mind in bed

  • Men go wild when a girl sucks the head of the penis while running her nails up and down his shaft.

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  • Rub his penis against your lips, like you're applying lipstick.

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  • Giving him oral is always great, but when you use your hand as an extension of your mouth, it feels waaaaay better.

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  • Run your fingers around the area where his balls meet the rest of the body. It feels sooooo nice.

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  • Thrill your guy by riding on him hard reverse cowgirl-style and pinning his ankles.

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  • Your guy will always want to go shopping with you if you let him into the dressing room as you try on your clothes-especially lingerie.

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  • When you're near the point of no return, whisper four-letter words into his ear-the really dirty ones.

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  • Men love when a woman rubs on a little hand lotion before stroking his package. It's unbearably silky.

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  • Seeing a woman's lips glide over the neck of a beer bottle always makes a man think of her mouth on him. They find it incredibly sensuous.

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  • Every man has one smouldering sex moment he can't get off his mind-a mattress memory he's drooling at the idea of experiencing again. But you can't force your guy to fork over the dirty details if he's too bashful to do so. Therefore, you're just going to have to make his lust wish list come true by trying out these 10 bedroom tricks to feel fan-freakin'-tastic under the covers. Warning: they're X-rated.

    1. Splash your T-shirt with water while washing dishes. As soon as he see your nipples through the fabric, he will touch them.

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