The 10 worst gifts people have ever received from their partners

When your partner plays the Bad Santa.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Dec 07, 2016
It takes more than just a good intention to give a good gift. Photo: Shutterstock/IndiaPicture

What's a relationship without an element of surprise? Planning and doing cute things for each other keeps the spark alive, after all. But if you don't plan it well--or don't know your partner enough--even the most well-intentioned surprises can turn into major shocks as soon as your significant other unwraps your gift.

Yes, we're humans and we can goof up; but sometimes, there's just no getting over them, because you know what? It's gifting gone horribly wrong.
Such a pain, man! Check out what these people have to say about the worst gifts they've received from their partners.

"She gifted me a book on 'how to have sex'. I was better than her in bed, I'd like to believe. She gave me a toothed blow-job, for God's sake!"
-Rituraj Aggarwal, 23


"He gifted me Fifty Shades of Grey and said, "I want to be your Christian Grey". I was so creeped out, I dumped him over the phone, wondering what he might do if I were to do it face to face."
-Shivani Sharma, 24


"I get that she was an artist, but she gave me a painting that was abstract beyond understanding. It made no sense to me but it's still hung in my room. Things we do to please the women in our lives."
-Kabir Kohli, 28

 "The guy himself was the worst gift any girl can get. He was an introvert, didn't utter a word, made me feel terrible about myself, didn't do jackshit, and the worst part: he also turned out to be a cheating bastard."
-Yoshita Gupta, 23

"An underwear! She gifted me a fucking underwear. Thankfully, it wasn't lacey."
-Nikhil Nagpal, 29

 "On my 21st birthday, he gave me 21 gifts, which was a sweet gesture. Except, one of the gifts was a pack of condoms. Why? Because we hadn't had sex."
-Saloni Dhar, 23

"A shirt she claimed was from ZARA, except it was ZARA with a double 'A'. I was obviously aware of her regular trips to Sarojini Nagar, but wasn't aware of how dumb she thought I was."
-Sidhant Chandra, 25

 "He gave me a knitted, woolen scarf in May. May god bless him with some wisdom in life."
-Surbhi Das, 25


"She knows I am a gym rat, so she got me a box of some weird shakti boosting powder from Patanjali. God knows, which shakti she actually wanted to boost. But seriously, boiled eggs would have made me happier."
-Shivam Kapoor, 24


 "He got me a Blackberry handset and a Cartier bracelet. Sounds amazing right? Turns out he loved China more than he loved me. Both were first copies of the originals."
-Avika Mehar, 25

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