7 things that are a much better idea than contacting that ex

Because nothing good will ever come out of contacting that person!

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha Apr 10, 2017
There are much better things to do in life, trust me. Photo Courtesy: Youtube

Heartbreaks are tough. Who are we kidding? Heartbreaks hurt like a b*tch, because it feels like you have lost a part of yourself. When you realize what you have lost and when the loss starts to take a toll on you, you end up losing your shit.

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When I say losing your shit, I mean actually losing it. Because, heartbreaks and pining for the one that got away can make you do some really stupid stuff. You may end up calling them drunk, you may end up indulging in casual sex, or you may just try to get back with your ex--even if he is a terribly toxic excuse for a human. But hold on, there are better things in life that you can do instead of acting stupid.

And before you tell us how Jab We Met suggested that calling your ex and abusing the hell out of him is a good idea, let us tell you that it's not. And it isn't even about closure, it's about the fact that nothing good will ever come out of calling your ex.

Wondering what you should do whenever you find yourself becoming weak and reaching out to your phone? Well, here are 7 things you can try.

Become A Workaholic
Replace your feelings for your ex with obsession with your office. I mean come on! Your boss would be happy and you'll have less time to over-think your relationship or the breakup.

Shop Till You're Broke AF

Because you are working overtime and investing all your energy in your work, you'll probably get the appraisal you have been dreaming about. And what comes with appraisal? MONEY! And where else would you now spend your money if you're single? You guessed it right--shopping!

Ladies, that Forever 21 dress that you have been eyeing for months is any day better than the person who left you to die.

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Try Bungee Jumping

Jump from a cliff or a building or anywhere else, it is still better than contacting your ex. When you experience a near death situation and your whole life flashes before your eyes, you would end up valuing yourself more.

Having said that, please make sure that you do it under proper supervision. Your ex isn't worth risking your life, obviously!

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Call Up Your Mother
Your mother loves you unconditionally, unlike that ex who stomped on your heart. When was the last time you had a heart to heart with her? Exactly, people like her deserve more of your time than that person who abandoned you.

Consider yourself as a ship, imagine yourself sailing away from that ex who never gave a f*ck about you! Also, did I mention that your mother will always be there for you, just like an anchor?

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Go To A Donut Store And Eat All Their Donuts

Eat your feelings, you know you want to. Yes, that maybe a little heavy on your love handles (pun intended), but donuts have holes in them, and they can mirror that hole in your heart! Jokes apart, donuts are tasty and they will distract you when you need it the most.

Also, sugar rush is any day better than crying over your former lover.

Shave Your Head
You'll spend so much time explaining to people that you're not dying of cancer, that you won't have the time or the patience to call that heartless b*stard.

Okay, if you don't want to go to the extremes of becoming bald, you can always get a trendy haircut or funky haircolour. That works, trust me. Your new look will not only make you feel good about yourself, but will also grab a few eyeballs! And who knows you might just end up meeting someone interesting because of your new look!

Read Tolstoy's War And Peace
When nothing else works, books do! Especially if it's Leo Tolstoy. Trust me, by the time you are finished with War and Peace, you'll be so exhausted that you won't even remember yourself, let alone your stupid ex!

There is a reason why I didn't suggest deleting your ex's number, because we all know that some numbers, especially when you have dialed them on countless occasions, stay in your memory for a long time. But, not all hope is lost. You will eventually get over that urge to be in touch with your ex. So ladies,  DO NOT PICK UP THAT PHONE.

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