8 break-up horror stories that will make you embrace singlehood

You'll want to swear off relationships after reading this.

Meghna Kriplani Meghna Kriplani Dec 23, 2016
These break-up stories will help you put your life in perspectivbe. Photo: Shutterstock/Indiapicture

There is no such thing as a good break-up. Sure, certain relationships come to an amicable end--but when there are emotions involved, tears and drama are but natural. However, certain endings can scar you for life.

Here, eight brave men and women shared the horrifying way their relationship ended. Caution: you may want to keep a box of tissues handy.

1. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater.

"When the girl I was with decided to stop cheating on her boyfriend with me and broke up with him, and then broke up with me, and then ended up with another person and ghosted me."
--Varun Bhattacharjee, 29*

2. The Phone Call That Wasn't
"I called my then girlfriend one fine night. No big deal right? Except she was banging my best friend and accidentally picked up. No prizes for guessing what happened next."
--Raj Bagga, 31*

3. When You Find Out You're The Other Woman

"We had been together for three years around the time I started suspecting he was cheating on me. Except, it turned out I was the other woman. He had been seeing someone else for six years."
--Daniya Parikh, 21*

4. A Case of I-Can't-Make-Up-My-Mind
"After being together for three years, and discussing marriage and kids, he broke up with me saying:  'Had we met five years later, I would totally settle down with you. But right now, you're not what I am looking for.'"
--Alankrita Gupta, 24*

5. The One With the Superstitious Parents
"We were in a relationship for two years. He was trying to crack UPSC at the time, and had been terribly unsuccessful. So when he couldn't clear the examination for the fourth time, his parents convinced him that it was because of me. That I was the panauti in his life. Needless to say, we broke up."
--Ayesha Varma, 30*

6. Mr Sensitivity to the Rescue
"On my birthday, he told me: 'The greatest gift I can give you today is the gift of my honesty. And honestly, I don't feel for you.'"
--Natalia Isaac, 26*

7. Because Timing is Everything
"We were driving around on New Year's Eve. As I reached for her hand, she pulled away and said, 'I find this relationship to be too burdening. I don't want to enter the New Year with you in my life. So, let's call it quits.'"
--Ankit Chauhan, 23*

8. The No Heart Savage
"We wanted to get married. Hell, we had been together for 11 years. But, when parents when his house to meet him and his parents and formalize the whole thing, he told them: "I am not going to marry your daughter." He had met somebody else, and didn't think it was important to tell me he had changed his mind. "
--Sunaina Chawla, 30*

*Names have been changed

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