"We can't all be asking for it" : The Silence Breakers of Sexual harassment on the cover of TIME magazine

We can't all be wrong or silenced.

Tina Das Tina Das
दिसंबर 07, 2017

"I am here to give you permission to be angry."-Rose McGowan

"We can't all be crazy, we can't all be sluts, we can't' all be asking for it."-Adama Iwu

"You are teaching people how to treat you and you should not be shamed for that."-Terry Crews

Who are these people? They are the 'Silence Breakers', people who decided that being sexually assaulted or harassed isn't their fault. They are people who spoke up with the hash tag a "MeToo". They enabled people like you and me to acknowledge that we have been sexually abused in some way or another.#MeToo isn't a movement, it is a space where finally, we aren't wrong, we aren't 'asking for it', we aren't 'sluts' because we spoke up. Across the world, women particularly and men too, have faced sexual harassment; have been groped, kissed, touched, been made sexual advances or suggestions too. And we have kept quiet.

The cover of the TIME magazine issue on 'Silence Breakers'. Source TIME The cover of the TIME magazine issue on 'Silence Breakers'. Source TIME

The cover of the magazine’s annual features a portrait of actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, corporate lobbyist Adama Iwu, Isabel Pascual and former Uber engineer Susan Fowler. The magazine has selected “Person of the Year” every year since 1927 and editors make their picks based on the figure or figures who influence the world the most “for good or ill.”TIME magazine national correspondent Charlotte Alter wrote on Twitter, the POY “was conceived, reported and written by women. It was fact-checked by women. The video was shot and edited by women. The layout and photo spread were designed by women.”

No, no one gets to judge the reasons. No one gets to say, 'but why didn't you speak up before?'No one gets to blame the victim, not after #MeToo.

Tarana Burke, an activist, started the "Me Too" movement more than 10 years ago to help young women, "particularly young women of color from low wealth communities," who have been sexually abused, assaulted, exploited or harassed. A movement that started a decade ago became a hashtag, a global platform, a space to cry, to be angry and to heal foe millions of sexual abuse victims across the globe, mostly women, in 2017.

It began with Alyssa Milano using #MeToo in 2017. And the rest is really historical.

A woman whose face is obscured: Time featured a woman who's face is not in the cover photo to represent those who haven't yet come forward. It is in respect to the kind of fear and pain that a person who has been propositioned, harassed or abused sexually feels. That it isn't easy and it might take take to come out. That the validity of a claim should and cannot be questioned on the basis of the time taken to speak out against it.

Screensots of acknowledgemt of sexually assaulting a man. Screensots of acknowledgemt of sexually assaulting a man.

In a society, where, as Rose McGowan and Megyn Kelley say, women are conditioned to be kind, polite and not make waves, it cannot be easy to speak out. But women said #metoo in many languages, in many ways, and each way is okay.

The most important thing to remember here is that this movement isn't crucial or powerful because famous women spoke out against famous men, that they are actresses, lobbyists, flood bloggers, women with money and glamour and recognition. True, they might have been instrumental in bringing into limelight. But it doesn't end with a Harvey Weinstein or a Bill O' Reilly.

And it is not only women,it can be anyone--man, woman, transgender, transsexual, asexual, just about anyone with any kind of gender and sexual and racial , cultural, social, national identity. And that is the most important thing to remember--it can happen to anyone.

It ends when everyone can and is held accountable for every single act of harassment they commit and when they stop doing it.


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