Are you being called everyday to link your mobile number with aadhar? It could be a scam!

It seems like India isn't ready to turn digital yet. What say?

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Oct 12, 2017
The story of Shashwat Gupta is shocking. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Shashwat Gupta


Ever since the black-money hoarders came under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's radar, our lives haven't been the same. Thanks to his nation-saving policies, aadhaar card has now become the very aadhaar of our lives.

From PAN cards to bank accounts to even SIM cards, there probably isn't anything left that can do without being linked with your aadhar card. The obsession with this linkage is so high that if you haven't done the honours already, chances are that you'd be bombarded by calls from your bank officials and haunted by your mobile network's service operator even in your dreams.

Fine! That's exaggerated. But you can't deny how annoying  hearing the 'link your aadhaar card to your mobile number' warnings instead of equally horrendous caller tunes while making regular calls is.

Shashwat Gupta, a Mumbai-based professional working for a private firm in Kozhikode -too gave into to the irritation and finally agreed to link his aadhaar card to his mobile number post getting an ultimatum from Airtel.

However, to his sheer disappointment or should we say utter shock, he got scammed for a whopping 1.3 Lakh rupees which included the savings and fixed deposits he had made out of his hard-earned money. Check out the story of a disheartened Shashwat here:

Shortly after Shashwat's post, the bank did address his grievance and replied to his post:

However, the fact that all it took for the frauds to dupe a man and rob him of all his money was his aadhaar card and SIM card details have left him and all of us with a big question over the credibility of banks and well--the new-found digitalization of our country.

In all probability, even you're being pestered to get you SIM linked to your aadhar card, so the point here is that you've got to be really careful. Because you know what? You really don't want to be the next Shashwat.


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