Shabana Azmi's new film trailer shows why it should always be sisters over misters

Because dealing with mid-life crisis is easier when your girl gang's got your back.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Mar 20, 2017
Cheers to our morale-boosting girl friends. Photo Courtesy: YouTube/H K Studios

Imagine how difficult dealing with those heartbreaks would have been if we were to do it all by ourselves, without our girl friends supporting us in full swing. After all, if it wasn't for their "stand back up and show that a**hole what you're capable of" or "I'll cut him into pieces and feed him to the dogs if he tries to hurt you again", we would have had a pretty darn tough time getting over the f**kboys in our lives.

Not just that, how would you survive without a little girl time in your life; those shopping sprees with your gang of girls; or without them solving your which-dress-to-wear dilemma?

Now imagine having this rock-solid support for your whole life--your girl friends being there for you through thick and thin in all phases of life. This is exactly what's portrayed in Shabana Azmi-starrer movie Sonata based on Mahesh Elkunchwar's play with the same name.

Directed by Aparna Sen, the movie is based on the lives of three unmarried friends: Professor Aruna Chaturvedi (played by Shabana Azmi), banker Dolon Sen (played by Lillete Dubey), and journalist Subhadra Parekh (played by Aparna Sen)--who stick together through all the ups and downs.

Dealing with the uncertainties of life, talking of men who hold a special place in their hearts over wine, and discussing their closeted fantasies--these cosmopolitan women are seen bonding together like house on fire in the trailer of the movie produced by Vinod Lahoti, Anjan Ghoshal, Dipankar Jojo Chaki, and Aloke Vohra. And the on-screen chemistry between the three protagonists is definitely giving us major friendship goals.  

"Cigarette-bad, wine-bad, hugging and kissing-very bad", says a sarcastic Azmi in the trailer. But the trailer--damn good, we say. Check it out here:

P.S. Don't forget to tag your besties along for watching the movie. Cheers to female friendships and girl power!

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