Indian women seriously need to learn from TV actress Pankhuri Awasthy

Because silence will not make the harasser go away.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Mar 20, 2017
Pankhuri Awasthy stood up against sexual harassment and slapped a man who inappropriately touched her. . Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Pankhuri AwasthyOfficialFC

It's almost impossible for Indian women to walk the streets without getting leered at, cat-called, or touched by random men, who fake innocence after purposely brushing up against unsuspecting victims.

And more often than not, women choose to walk away rather than create a scene and confront the pervert, fearing unpleasant consequences. But, not television actress Pankhuri Awasthy. The woman knows how teach harassers a lesson, one that they will remember for life.

Recently, the actress, who will next be seen playing a rape victim in the drama Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka, stood up against sexual harassment and slapped a man who inappropriately touched her.

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The actress credited her preparation for the role of a rape victim for making her a stronger individual and giving her the strength to speak up, something she wasn't really was comfortable doing before.

"When I was in Delhi, I used to travel to college by Metro and so many instances have happened with me. That time (in college), you're so young and you don't realize half of the things that are happening to you," Awasthy said in an interview to News X.  

"Earlier, I didn't have courage to stand up against it. Now I do stand up. Recently, I was in Bengaluru with my friends and I was wearing a skirt. There was this guy who came and he had the courage to touch my thighs. I slapped him then and there itself," she continued.

And we couldn't be more proud. Some men, see absolutely nothing wrong in harassing women and take their silence as a sign of weakness, and continue exploiting them. And maybe the best way to stop them for once and for all is by confronting them right on the spot. Just like Awasthy did.

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