Priyanka Chopra gets trolled for baring her legs while meeting PM Modi. She trolls her trolls with the most "leggy" response ever

Priyanka Chopra didn't even have to say much to shut those damn trolls up.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha May 31, 2017
Want to slay trolls online? Let Priyanka Chopra teach you how. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/PriyankaChopra

The Indian society is full of sanskari trolls who wait with bated breath to shame women online. Even actresses aren't spared by these people, let alone a laywoman. And recently Priyanka Chopra also got a taste of these haters recently when she shared picture of her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin on Facebook.

Wondering why a picture got her trolled? Well, her only fault was that she was wearing a dress that showed her legs. Yes, those legs that are generally ogled at by people who watch her movies. Internet trolls are weird, we tell you.

Social media users immediately jumped in to say that it was inappropriate of her to show her legs in front of the PM. Some users even said that she should have maintained some decency while meeting a person who's so senior to her.

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However, our Desi Girl isn't someone who will take trolling to heart. She went on to share a picture with her mother, as they both showed off legs unfazed. She even said that it's in her genes!

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Legs galore, we tell you! She didn't even have to use words or show a middle finger, rather she chose a "leggy" way of getting back at the haters. Well, what can we say, you obviously shouldn't mess with the Baywatch actress. You might just get more legs in response!


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