Women in Iran are wearing white on Wednesdays to protest against compulsory hijab

White has become a symbol of free choice and battle for equality in Iran.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima
जून 14, 2017
Women in Iran are forced to cover their hairline with a hijab. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ MyStealthyFreedom

Women in Iran are no longer in the mood to bow down to the compulsion of wearing a hijab and they have found a unique way to protest against it. A social media campaign called #whitewednesday has become quite popular in the country, which opposes the law that demands all women to cover their heads with a headscarf.

According to a report published in BBC, people in Iran, women citizens of Iran have been posting pictures and videos of themselves wearing white headscarves or pieces of white clothing as symbols of protest, on every Wednesday of the week.

"The idea is the brainchild of Masih Alinejad, founder of 'My Stealthy Freedom', an online movement opposed to the mandatory dress code. Before the 1979 Islamic revolution many Iranian women wore Western-style outfits, including miniskirts and short-sleeved tops, but this all changed when the late Ayatollah Khomeini came to power," states the report.

Interestingly, after five weeks of its conception, the campaign has received more than 200 videos photos and videos of women with their heads draped in a white scarf with a total of 500,000 views.

"I'm so pumped up to be in this campaign. I want to talk to you of my imprisonment. They imposed hijab on me since I was seven while I never felt committed to it and won't be," says one of the women in the video.

And that's not it. Some women have showed immense courage by taking off their hijab, all together, and walking down the streets--a crime according to the laws in Iran. But, these women are risking their safety and their lives by fighting for what they believe in. Even the founder of the movement, Alinejad, is amazed at such reactions.

"When I expressed my concern about [one contributor's] safety, she replied that she would rather jeopardise her job than continue living under this oppression that the Iranian women have endured for the last 38 years, she says in an interview to BBC.

In fact, Alinejad intends to expand this movement to a global level and want women around the world to participate in this war of empowerment and make #whitewednesday a success. Well, kudos to her.

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