In a first, Panjab University will soon have a separate toilet for transgender students

Maybe other universities in India can follow into the footsteps of Panjab University too.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha
मई 25, 2017
The construction of the washroom has already begun. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ChandigarhCityBeautiful

Accessing toilets is a huge issue for the people of the transgender community of India. Although the government recently passed a bill that allows transgender people to use a bathroom of their choice, it still doesn't guarantee them their safety.
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However, the Panjab University has done something for transgender rights that probably no other university has ever thought of. They have started building a separate toilet for transgenders. Talk about being progressive, right?

According to Gaylaxy Magazine, the university had earlier promised transgender activist Dhananjay Mangalmukhi that they would build a toilet if any transgender student takes admission. The activist, who later joined the university as a postgraduate student, wrote an application to the authorities for a separate toilet.

The university sanctioned a budget of 23 lakhs last year and the construction has finally begun for the washroom.

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This move definitely needs to be lauded because of the kind of stigma and violence transgender people have to deal with on a daily basis. Not only will a separate washroom help ensure their safety, but it will also help in desensitising the society.

Because who can guarantee that a transgender person will not get beaten up if they use a men's washroom? After all, this community has been discriminated against by our society for a long time.

Transgender rights in India have seen a drastic push ever since the Supreme Court of India created the "third gender" status for hijras or transgenders. We have seen various moves by different states to make sure that transgender people get the respect they have been fighting for.

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While our government has been making provisions for them, offices and educational institutions can definitely do something on their part as well. Let's hope that many educational institutions will follow into the footsteps of Panjab University.


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ऑडनारी से चिट्ठी पाने के लिए अपना ईमेल आईडी बताएं!

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