Latur woman fakes gang rape and the reason will shock you

Another level of insanity altogether!

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli
अक्टूबर 30, 2017
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Earlier this year, a British woman was jailed for 10 years on account of falsely accusing 15 men of rape. In fact, this year even saw a Sidney-based man spending almost 200,000 dollars and well--two years of his life clearing his name off a false rape allegation made by a "pretty young woman".

Back home, a woman in Rohtak was sentenced to a seven-year long imprisonment for filing a false gang rape complaint against her own husband. Thereafter, Rewari court put four women on trial for filing false rape cases against four different men. While the motive behind most of these cases has either taking personal revenge or money extortion, a recent case wherein a Latur-based woman falsely accused her boyfriend of gang rape and assault saw a completely different, rather bizarre reason behind the accusations altogether.

Peeved at her boyfriend for not responding to her calls, the 24-year-old woman took the drastic step of tracking him down by submitting a complaint letter to the police stating that her boyfriend, his brother, and his friends had gang raped her. Imagine!

Once the man in question was traced a week later, the police found that the couple was in love and set them free on "humanitarian grounds".

As per a report in The Times of India, the man, who had shifted to Pune in search of work was unaware of his girlfriend's arrival in the city and had stopped talking to her as she used to "keep sending too many text and online messages to him and he was fed up with it".

He further admitted that he wanted to marry her after which his claims were cross-verified by the police, who then questioned the girl. "We decided not to take any legal action on humanitarian grounds but the woman has certainly misused the police machinery," Kondhwa police's senior inspector Milind Gaikwad told TOI.

"The two got married on October 27," he added.

Probably their love story had a happy ending but the means to that end was really sad

Photo for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: Pinterest Photo for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

We mean you can't treat something as serious and grave as rape as a joke like this and just get away with it.

It does more than just setting a terrible example.

The point is that all those strict laws against rape have been made in order to protect us, but one must not misuse these rights by playing the 'woman card' against the opposite sex or to get things done.

Firstly because it ruins all the hard work of people who are striving for equality between the genders and secondly because, there are so many women out there, who have actually been through the torture of being raped. Cases like these simply dilute the credibility of those genuine cases too, which isn't fair, right?

Moreover, those cops, who invested so much of time and energy in tracking down her estranged boyfriend could have utilized that time solving an actual case and helping someone really in need, don't you think?

*Gyaan alert* You know what, some people, especially women, are working really hard to seek justice against harassment and exploitation. But such incidents totally discredit their efforts, pushing the womankind back in time.


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