Iranian women are now defying compulsory hijab rule by refusing to wear it inside their cars

The badass women of Iran have taken the fight against hijab to another level now.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha
जुलाई 13, 2017
Why shouldn't a woman be free to wear whatever she wants within the confines of her car? Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/


Do you know that Iran has a compulsory hijab rule that makes it mandatory for every woman to wear it in public? However, a growing number of women are defying this regressive and sexist rule by refusing to wear it inside their cars while driving. The women's protest has sparked a nationwide debate on whether a car is a public space or a private one.

According to The Guardian, many Iranian women have already started pushing the envelope by driving with their headscarves resting on their shoulders. Gutsy, right? We think so too.

However, many in Iran do not believe that a car is a private space. In fact, judicial authorities and the police have said that the visible parts of the car are public spaces. "The invisible part of the car, such as the trunk, is a private space, but this does not apply to the visible parts of the car," Hadi Sadeghi, the deputy head of Iran's judiciary chief said in an interview to the website.

But, comments like these have not deterred Iranian women. In an interview to a local news agency Irna, Hossein Ahmadiniaz, a lawyer by profession has said that infringing on people's private spaces is like infringing their rights.

He also said that it is up to parliamentarians to define the private space and not the police. "The law says that the space within a car is a private space. The government's citizen's rights charter also considers a car to be a private space and it is incumbent upon enforcers to respect that," he added.

Although wearing a hijab has been an integral part of the Islamic Republic since the 1979 revolution, women have finally started raising objections against it. In fact, getting fined or temporarily seizing of the vehicle isn't stopping these women from resisting.

We can't help but laud the Iranian women for fighting for their rights. We just hope that this fight leads to them being free--once and for all.

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