In UK, political parties are being told to increase women MPs or face fines

The world needs  more leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Jan 11, 2017
We sincerely hope that India too follows in the footsteps of UK. Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

In a first, political parties in the UK have been asked to ensure that they are represented by at least 45% female representatives in the Parliament. Failing which, they will be fined.

Much like corporate boardrooms, women are often underrated in politics, largely due to a misogynist work culture. However, the British Women and Equalities Committee has said that the representation is lopsided and indicates a 'serious democratic deficit' for 'no good reason'.

Currently, there are 195 women in the House of Commons, which makes 30% of the total strength.

"Women make up more than half the population of the United Kingdom, and, at a time when more women are in work than ever before, there is no good reason why women should not make up half of the House of Commons", said the committee as quoted by BBC.

According to a report published in the Independent, UK has dropped to 48th place in the global rankings of the representation of women in a country's lower or single legislative chamber. It was 25th on the index in 1999.

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"A global ranking of 48th is shockingly low. We must rise to the challenge of being a world leader on women's parliamentary representation," said Maria Miller, a former cabinet minister, who also headed the committee.

"Political parties bear the lion's share of the responsibility for improvement. Trusting in long-term trends is not enough: we need intervention to accelerate their pace. We look to the leaders of those parties to give these efforts the urgency and priority they require," she continued.

This commendable ruling will surely improve the ratio of female representatives in the UK Parliament. And maybe it's time for India to take some lessons from the former, as we stand at the 103rd place out of 140 countries, with a mere 12% representation.

We sincerely hope that India too follows in the footsteps of UK and pave way for some positive changes.

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