Muslim women are finally getting rid of their hijab, all thanks to Donald Trump!

Sadly, it's nothing to do with gender equality or liberty.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Nov 10, 2016
Twitter is flooded with tweets from such women, voicing their fears. Photo: Twitter/ oclupak2

Donald Trump's win in the US presidential elections is being mourned by women, worldwide. And why not, his extremely sexist and misogynist 'locker room' talk had left many fuming. Someone who proudly states grabbing women by the 'p**sy', is now the President of the great United States of America--and that's tragic. Now, before you pin the blame on feminists for being too pessimistic and not giving the man a chance to prove himself, here's what you should know: it's not just them who are devastated. There was indeed a 41% rise in race and religious hate crimes following the Brexit referendum, earlier this year. And this is much worse.

Muslim women living in the United States (and not all of them are feminists), are scared for their lives, after Trump (read: a racist champion) was declared a winner. Now, it's no surprise that Trump is a true-blue racist, who hates people of colour, immigrants, Muslims, women, Mexicans, and maybe just all other human beings. And with the reign of the country in his hands, Muslim women are bracing themselves for the worst.

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Twitter is flooded with tweets from such women, voicing their fears. They are shit-scared of walking the streets with their hijab on, fearing hate crime. One Muslim woman in the U.S. tweeted that her mother had texted her advising not to wear the hijab in public. She was later supported by many, who shared the same sentiments. Seeing that the head scarf makes it easier for hardliners to identify a person's religion, it should come as no surprise that women are now contemplating getting rid of it. Sadly, it's not their free will, which is making them change their lifestyle, and alter their tradition--it's fear, which is ironic.

Then there are few, who are calling out women to walk in groups or in twos. Because stepping out, without fearing an attack of any sort is no longer a fundamental right--it's a matter of luck, now.

While many women have accepted and made peace with the current situation, there are a few, who refuse to accept defeat. They are urging other women not to make decisions based on fear, but do what their heart wants.



Now, how profound or baseless their fears are--only time will tell.

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