Hyping is the new dating trend you need to steer clear of because it's more heartbreaking than ghosting

Sonaakshi Kohli   @OddNaari
Hyping is the new dating trend in which the guy disappears in a shocking manner. Photo Courtesy:YouTube

Once in a lifetime, there comes a guy, who sweeps you off your feet and shows you why it never really worked out with anyone else. But in the very same lifetime, you are also likely to kiss a couple of frogs before you finally get to be with your prince charming. And among those frogs, there is one special kind of frog, who is likely to meet you and change the way you see the world.

We'd like to call him the Santa Frog. Simply because, God forbid, if you happen to come across this guy, he' won't just throw some very shocking surprises at you, but also give you the very precious gift of some important life lessons, which you will remember till the very end.

So, just like Santa, he will make a promising entry in your life, make you feel like you're the center of his universe. He will continue to shower you with attention for weeks, maybe months. He will make sure that you get emotionally dependent on him. But then, the frog inside the Santa will start kicking in and he will hop out of your life citing 'I am not ready for commitment' as the reason.

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But the Santa will strike back only to throw one last surprise before you finally have no option but to push him and his thoughts out of your mind. Of course, after the initial struggle to do so, because needless to say, the surprise won't be a pleasant one.  

Within a few weeks or months of breaking up with you for some odd reason, he will miraculously get engaged to some other girl and the news will be delivered to you, sweetly gift-wrapped on Facebook or through some mutual friend.

Yes, it's heart breaking, but what's even sadder is the fact that this is a dating trend that is catching on and it's called 'hyping'. Basically, it means that you're his number one-but only till he finds 'the one'.

If you've gone through such a situation and are left wondering what led to the disappearance of your sweet Santa despite you being an absolute sweetheart to him, here's little help for closure: There's a high probability that you met this guy when he wasn't going through a great phase in life. But you stuck with him any way. You brushed his ego, made him feel better, and helped him through the struggle.

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You basically 'hyped' him and then came the ultimate blow. Thanks to that 'hype' and well, the ego-boost that he got from all the pep talk you gave him, he thought that he could do better. This made him realize that your role in his life had reached well over the expiration date. So he hopped on to someone else.

This sounds similar to ghosting, but knowing that a man trampled all over you to be with someone else in the end is ten times worse. So ladies, beware of such frog Santas and save yourself the pain of a heartbreak.

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