Ladies, those planks and push-ups are killing your wrists. Here's how you can save them

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When you're in the middle of that intense workout session, pushing yourself to stay in the plank position for one extra minute or to finish those last 5 push-ups in the end, do you ever tend to give up in the middle because of a pain in your wrists?

If your answer is yes, then beware ladies! You could be risking your precious wrists in a bid to get the body of your dreams.  As per a report in, you could be experiencing pain and discomfort while working out due to improper wrist positioning, overloading, or overuse of your tender wrists.

It's fairly simple to understand. The wrist tendons can wear out over time and become painful, inflamed, swollen too. While these time-bound changes aren't serious as such, however, exerting force or pressure on your wrists while working out can very well turn into a chronic problem.

Exercises like planks, push-ups, bench press, bicep curl and free weights in poor form particularly put you at an increased risk of getting sore wrists.

But don't lose heart just yet. There's most definitely a way to protect them while you're on your path to getting a well-sculpted, fit bod.

Firstly, opting for weightlifting gloves with wrist-supporting bands, or wrapping your wrists in athletic bands can really help prevent any damage to your wrists in the first place. Also make sure that your wrist is in completely straight and isn't strained while lifting weights. Trust us ladies, exercising in the correct form under expert supervision can spare you the horror of some seriously painful injuries.

However, if you feel any strain or inflammation in your wrists despite taking precautions, you need to obviously stop doing exercises that strain your wrists. Once that's done, Paul Mostoff, the chief of physical therapy at All Sports Physical Therapy in New York City suggests applying ice on the affected area every day and gently massaging the muscles in order to reduce tension and increase blood circulation in the area.  

He also recommends stretching to release tension once the inflammation soothes down. "Bend the wrist up while keeping the arm and elbow straight and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Reverse the motion and bend the wrist down and hold for another 30 to 60 seconds. To deepen the stretch, use the opposite hand to pull gently on your fingers," says Mostoff.

If you still experience pain in the wrists, it's time to see a doctor, ladies. Don't ignore the signs your body is giving you. After all, health is wealth.

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