Niqab-clad Saudi women take Internet by storm with their fun-filled music video

We just love the jibe.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Dec 27, 2016
The video has been made by Saudi director Majed Alesa. Photo courtesy: YouTube/ majedalesa

If we talk about the 100 best countries in the world for women to live in--Saudi Arabia wouldn't be anywhere on the list. With the never-ending list of diktats dictating the lives of women in the kingdom, it's not a place where women can thrive.

For instance, they are not allowed to drive, not allowed to talk to men whom they are not related to, and not allowed to try on clothes while shopping in a mall. So, when a music video showing three niqab-clad women singing, skating, and dancing hit YouTube, it became an instant hit.

The video has been made by Saudi director Majed Alesa and is titled Hwages. Apart from the catchy tune, what sets this video apart is the veiled jibe--literally--it takes at the conventional Saudi society.

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Since the government prohibits women to drive, these women are seen skating on roller boards and setting on the backseat of a car, with a child at the wheel. Kids can drive an automobile but grown women can't. Ludicrous, isn't it?

Khaleej Times roughly translated the video, and the lyrics made us go LOL. "May all men be erased as they've given us mental illness", croons one woman. Produced by 8ies Studios, the video has so far received almost half a million views since it was published on December 23.

Taking inspiration from another video with the similar lyrics, it mocks the moral decrees forced on the women of the country. While the women are having a gala time singing and dancing, men can be seen shaking their heads in disapproval and wagging their fingers.

Truly, since the country has a problem with everything that remotely pleases women, this video is sure to create ripples in the Saudi society.

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