Women are no longer waiting for their well-settled prince charming. Here's proof that they're self-sufficient

It's time the fictitious fairy tales die a quick death.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima May 19, 2017
More power to the self-sufficient women who are not pinning their hopes on the prince charming. Photo Courtesy: YouTube/ BollywoodBackstage

Gone are the days when women used to be damsels in distress, waiting for their prince charming to rescue them. Yup, they are no longer waiting for well-settled men to get hitched and have babies with. So, maybe it's time misogynist stop calling women gold-diggers because they clearly don't need men to cater to their financial needs. And it's not just feminist who believe so, but economists as well.

According to researchers at the University of Maryland, women's interest in the 'marriageable male'--a man with reliable income capable of supporting a wife and child, is increasingly on the decline.

"Historically, upswings in the financial prospects of blue-collar men have led to a decrease in the number of children born out of wedlock," New York Times quoted Melissa Kearney, economic professor and co-author of the study as saying.

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"The researchers found that birth rates from married and unmarried parents have increased at the same clip. It also appears that the 'marriageable male' may no longer command the same high demand as he used to--a trend that experts attributed to changes in law and social values.

So, basically women are now ready to reproduce with men, who don't bring a lot of moolah at home. Majorly because they are self sufficient to provide for themselves and are no longer dependent on the so-called bread-winner of the family to run the household.

This trend can be attributed to the paradigm shift in the societal norms, of late. In recent times, women are no longer expected to stay behind the four walls of the house and their only job being taking care of the house and the kids. They are now bread-winners themselves.

"Women couldn't be very choosy in the past--they had to be married for both social and economic reasons. They'd be stigmatized if they weren't and they might not be able to make it on their own. Now the social context has shifted. They can raise the bar," said Isabel Sawhill, economist, Brookings Institution in an interview to The Washington Post.

Also, women no longer want to wait for years to become a mother just in the hope to find a well-earning partner. They are ready to take the
plunge as they are no longer financially constrained.

Well, here's more power to them.

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