6 types of annoying travellers we've all met on that holiday

If only Donald Trump could impose ban on annoying travellers instead. Tsk Tsk.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Feb 17, 2017
Don't let these annoying travellers dull your sparkle. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Virushka_folyf

How excited are you when you're on your way to that much-awaited holiday or while just going back home to your family after a long time.

But as you know it, life is unfair, so there are always a few elements to dull your sparkle--even while you are excitedly travelling. If you are a regular traveller, you would know how these six annoying habits of co-passengers can get on your nerves and make you want to punch them in the face:

The Sherlock Holmes on the Plane

These curious cases want know everything about you, your friends, your cousins, your second cousins. In fact, when they are done with all the passengers around them, they target the air hostesses and pilots too. They are the same people who click pictures of the airplane parts and even get into the functioning of the airbus.

Ricky Bahl Elsewhere

These are the men who flirt with every goddamn girl on the plane. During longer flights, there's a possibility of them breaking the plane window to flirt with birds once they are done trying their luck with every female on board.

The Water Tankers

Drinking water is healthy, but disturbing co-passengers a zillion times to attend to the nature's call is not. Get that?

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The Ghajinis

By memory loss, we mean those who forget the difference between sitting in a plane and sitting at home. Such passengers recline their seats at the rate of 100 times a second. In fact, they even take off their shoes and cross their legs. If it was in their hands, they would throw you out of the window to rest their legs on your seat. Not to mention, those smelly feet. Blame it on their memory loss, they also forget all about this precious thing called perfume.

The Hoarders

People who carry a hundred bags for a two-day vacay can get on your nerves and how. Such people on planes are still bearable, but how do you stand them in a train when it's your seat under some serious threat. They will pounce at any chance to simply push their luggage on to your space.

The I-Know-Everything

These agony aunts/uncles are the real gyaanis of the world and if they choose you to prove their mettle, run in the other direction.

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